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II. to own, acknowledge, consider as, tou;" kakou;" crhstou;" n . Soph.; nomivsai crh; tau`ta musthvria Ar.:— qeo;n n. tinav to hold or believe in one as a god, Plat., Xen.:—hence, nomivzein touvtou" »qeouv"1/4 to believe in these [as gods], Hdt.; ou}" hJ povli" nomivzei qeou;" ouj nomivzwn not believing in the gods in which the State believes, Xen., Plat.:—but, nomivzein qeou;" ei\nai to believe that there are gods, Plat. ; qeou;" n. oujdamou` Aesch.;—so that n. tou;" qeouv" and n. qeouv" differ, the one being to believe in certain gods, the other to believe in gods generally, cf. hJgevomai III . 2:—Pass., {Ellhne" h[rxanto nomisqh`nai to be considered as. . , Hdt.

2. to esteem or hold in honour, Pind.:—Pass. to be in esteem, Plat.
3. c. acc. rei, to deem, hold, believe, ti periv tino" Id.
4. c. acc. et inf. to deem, hold, believe that, Soph., Xen.;—also, like dokevw , c. inf. fut. to expect that. . , Soph.

5. Pass., with gen. of the person in possession, tou` qew`n nomivzetai ; whose sanctuary is it held to be?

6. absol., nomivzonta levgein to speak with full belief, Plat.


nomikov" , hv, ovn , ( novmo" ) resting on law, conventional, Arist.:—Adv. -kw`" , Id.

2. relating to the law, N.T. Plut.
II. learned in the law, a lawyer, N.T.


novmimo" , h, on , ( novmo" ) conformable to custom, usage, or law, customary, prescriptive, established, lawful, rightful, Eur.:— novmimovn »ejstiv1/4 tini poiei`n ti Xen.

II. novmima, tav , usages, customs, Hdt., Att.
2. funeral rites, Lat. justa , Thuc.
III. Adv. -mw" , Plat.: Comp. -wvteron Xen.


novmio" , a, on , also o", on , ( nomeuv" ) of shepherds, pastoral, n. qeov" , i.e. Pan, h. Hom.; of Apollo, as shepherd of Admetus, Theocr.


novmiØsi" , oJ , ( nomivzw ) usage, prescription, custom, hJ aJnqrwpeiva ej" to; qei`on novmisi" the established belief about the Deity, Thuc.


novmisma , ato", tov , ( nomivzw ) anything sanctioned by usage, a custom, institution, Trag., Ar.

II. the current coin of a state, Hdt.


nomistevo" , a, on , verb. Adj., to be accounted, Plat.


nomisteuvomai , Pass. to be current, Polyb.


nomogra±fiva , hJ , written legislation, Strab. From nomogravfo"

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