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nomo-gravfo" , oJ , ( gravfw ) one who draws up laws.

II. ( novmo" II ) a composer of music, Plat.


nomo-deivkth" , ou, oJ , one who explains laws, Plut.


nomo-diØdavkth" , ou, oJ , = sq., Plut.


nomo-diØdavska±lo" , oJ , a teacher of the law, N.T.


nomoqesiva , hJ , lawgiving, legislation, Plat. From nomoqetevw


nomoqetevw , f. hvsw , to make law, Plat., Xen., etc.:—Med. to make laws for oneself, frame laws, Plat.

II. trans. to ordain by law, ti Id., etc.:—Pass., impers., peri; tau`ta ou{tw sfi nenomoqevthtai it hath been so ordained by law, Hdt. Hence nomoqevthma


nomoqevthma , ato", tov , a law, ordinance, Plat.


nomo-qevth" , ou, oJ , ( tivqhmi ) a lawgiver, Thuc., Plat., etc.

II. at Athens, the Nomothetae were a committee of the dicasts charged with the revision of the laws, Dem.


nomoqethtevo" , a, on , verb. Adj., to be settled by law, Plat.

2. trans. one must ordain by law, Arist.


nomoqetikov" , hv, ovn , of or for a lawgiver or legislation, Plat.: hJ -khv (sc. tevcnh ) legislation, Id.

II. of persons, fitted for legislation, Arist.


nomovnde , Adv. ( nomov" ) to pasture, Hom.

nomov", novmo"

nomov" , oJ , ( nevmw ) a feeding-place for cattle, pasture, Hom.; n. u{lh" a woodland pasture, Od.

2. herbage, h. Hom.:—generally, food, Hes., Ar.
3. metaph., ejpevwn polu;" nomov" a wide range for words, Il.
II. an abode allotted or assigned to one, a district, province, Pind., Soph., etc.; nomo;n e[cein to have ones dwelling-place, Hdt., Ar.

2. one of the districts into which Egypt was divided, Hdt., etc.; applied also to other provinces, Id.
III. anything assigned, a usage, custom, law, ordinance, Lat. institutum , Hes.; novmo" pavntwn basileuv"

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