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jWguvgio" »uØ1/4, a, on , and o", on , Ogygian, of or from Ogyges, an Attic king of mythical times; hence generally primeval, primal, Hes ., Pind. ; ta;" wjg. Qhvba", ta;" wjg. jAqhvna" Aesch.


wjda" , Dor. gen. of wj/dhv .


w|de , demonstr. Adv. of o{de :

I. of Manner, in this wise, so, thus, and (more strongly) so very, so exceedingly, Hom ., etc. :— w|de is answered by wJ" , so. . , as. . , Id.; followed by a relat., tiv" w|de tlhsikavrdio", o{tw/ . . ; Aesch. ; w|dev pw" somehow so, Xen ., etc.

2. of Condition, provmolÆ w|de come forth just as thou art, at once, Hom.
3. of something following, thus, as follows, Id.; w|dÆ hjmeivyato Soph.
4. c. gen ., w|de gevnou" thus off for family, Eur.
II. of Place, hither, here, Soph ., Theocr.


w[/deon , impf. of oijdevw .

wja/dei`on, v/Wdei`on

v/Wdei`on , tov , the Odeüm, a public building, erected by Pericles for musical performances, also used as a lawcourt, Ar. , Plut. From wj/dhv


wj/dhv , hJ , contr. for ajoidhv (as a[/dw for ajeivdw ), a song, lay, ode, h. Hom. , Soph. , Eur. ; pl. lyric poetry, Plat.

II. song, singing, Plut.


wJdiv »i<Eth>1/4 , Att. stronger form of w|de , Ar. , Plat.


wj/dikov" , hv, ovn , fond of singing, vocal, musical, Luc. Adv. -kw`" , Ar.


wjdivn , hJ , later form of wjdiv" , N.T.


wjdivnw »i<Eth>1/4 , mostly in pres. , to have the pains or throes of childbirth, to be in travail or labour, Il., Plat. , etc.

2. c. acc. to be in travail of a child, to bring forth, Eur.
II. metaph. of any great pain, to be in travail or anguish, Od., Eur. : to work hard, to travail, of bees, Anth. :—of the mind, w{ste mÆ wjdivnein tiv fhv/" so that I am in an agony as to what you mean, Soph.

2. c. acc. to be in travail with a thing, c. acc ., Id., Anth. From wjdiv"

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