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W .


W, w, w\/ mevga , twenty-fourth letter of the Gr. alphabet:—as a numeral wV = 800, but Ëw = 800,000. The name of w\ mevga , great or long o , was given at a later period to distinguish it from o] mikrovn little or short o : but the form W was not adopted at Athens till the Archonship of Euclides (B. C. 403); v. sub E,
H. Changes of
w , esp. in the dialects:
1. Ion. sometimes for a , as w[nqrwpo" w[risto" for a[nqrwpo" a[risto" .
2. Ion. also for au , as qw`ma trw`ma for qau`ma trau`ma :—this is also Dor. , w\lax for au\lax .
3. Aeol. and Dor. w for ou , as wjranov" Mw`sa kw`ro" lipw`sa for oujranov" Mou`sa kou`ro" lipou`sa ; so, ou and ou" in gen. sing. and acc. pl. of 2nd decl. pass into w and w" .

4. Dor ., w becomes a<Eth> , as prw`to" prwvtisto" qewrov" become pra`to" pravtisto" qea<Eth>rov" ; so gen. pl. of 1st dec. -w`n becomes -a`n .

5. Aeol. sometimes also u , as celuvnh for celwvnh .


w\ and w[ , Exclamation, expressing surprise, but also joy and pain, like our O! oh! with nom. , w] tavla" e[gw Soph. , etc. ; with gen. , w] crusw` Theocr.

2. with vocat. it is a mere address, w\ qeoiv, w\ Zeu` , etc. ; with imperat. , w\ cai`re Aesch .—In the first sense it is usually written w[ , in the second w\ .


w{ , Dor. for ou| , gen. of o{" , qui.


jWa±rivwn, jWa±riwvneio" , Dor. for jWrivwn, jWrivwneio" .


w\/a" , tov , Dor. for ou\a", ou\" , the ear.


wjbav , hJ , in Laconia, a subdivision of the Spartan fulaiv (clans), Plut. Hence wjbavzw


wjbavzw , f. xw , to divide the people into wjbaiv , Plut.


wjga±qev , crasis for w\ ajgaqev .


wJginovmoi , crasis for oiJ aijginovmoi , Anth.


wjgmov" , oJ , ( w[zw ) a crying oh! Aesch.


jWguØgiva , hJ , Ogygia, a mythical island in the Mediterranean, the abode of Calypso, Od.

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