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wjmo-favgo" »a±1/4, on , ( wjmov", fagei`n ) eating raw flesh, carnivorous, Il., Thuc.


wjmov-frwn , ono", oJ, hJ , ( frhvn ) savage-minded, savage, Trag. Adv. wjmofrovnw" , Aesch.


w\/n , Ion. and Dor. for ou\n .


w\/na, w\/nax , crasis for w\ a[na, w\ a[nax .


wjnavmhn »a±1/4 , aor. I med. of ojnivnhmi .


w[nato , 3 sing. aor. I of o[nomai .


w[nemo" , Dor. crasis for oJ a[nemo" .


wjnevomai , f. hvsomai :—in Att. with syllabic augment, impf. ejwnouvmhn (but wjneveto, wjnevonto in Hdt.
):— aor. I is very dub. (for the Att. aor. is ejpriavmhn ): pf. ejwvnhmai : ( w\no" ): Dep. :— to buy, purchase, opp. to pwlevw, pipravskw , as Lat. emere to vendere; but in pres. and impf. to offer to buy, deal for, bargain or bid for a thing, Hes. ; wjnevesqai tw`n fortivwn wished to buy some of their wares, began to bargain for them, Hdt. ; Kroi`sov" sfi wjneomevnoisi e[dwke gave it them when they offered to buy, Id.; wjn. ti parav tino" from another, Id.; wjn. ejk Korivnqou to buy goods from Corinth, Xen. :— c. gen.

pretii, to buy for so much, Hdt. , Att. :— absol. in partic., wjnouvmeno" by purchase, Xen .; oJ wjnouvmeno" the purchaser, Id.; oJ ejwnhmevno" the owner by purchase of a slave, Ar.

2. to farm public taxes or tolls, or rather to bid for them, wjn. mevtalla Dem ., etc.
3. to buy off, avert by giving hush-money, Id.; wjn. tina to buy a person, of one who bribes, Id.
II. sometimes used as Pass. to be bought, as wjnouvmenav te kai; pipraskovmena Plat .; pf. part. ejwnhmevno" Id., Dem. ; 3 sing. plqpf. ejwvnhto Ar .; in aor. I ejwnhvqhn Xen.


wjnhv , hJ , ( w\no" ) a buying, purchasing, Lat. emptio , wjnh; kai; pra`si" buying and selling, Hdt. , Plat.

2. a purchase, a bargain, Eur.
II. a contract for the farming of taxes, Andoc., Plut.
III. the purchase-money, price, Lys ., Plut.


wjnhvmhn , Ep. aor. 2 med. of ojnivnhmi :— wjnhvqhn , aor. I .


wJnhvr , Ion. and Dor. crasis for oJ ajnhvr .


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