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F, f, fi` , tov , indecl., twenty-first letter of the Gr. alphabet: as a numeral fV = 500, but Ëf = 500,000. The consonant F arose from the labial P followed by the aspirate, and was anciently written PH .

I. changes of F :
1. in Aeol., Dor. and Ion. the aspirate was often dropped, and f became p , as in ajspavrago" spovggo" spurav" for ajsfavrago" sfovggo" sfurav" , whereas the Att. sometimes used f for p , as fanov" favtra for panov" pavtra .

2. in Aeol., Dor., and Ion. f is sometimes put for q , as fhvr flavw for qhvr qlavw .
II. older Poets sometimes treated f as a double consonant, so that a short vowel before it becomes long by position, as in o[fi", Zefuvrio" quasi o[pfi", Zepfuvrio" .


fa` , Dor. and poët. for e[fh , 3 sing. aor. 2 of fhmiv .


favanqen , lenghtd. for favnqen , Ep. for ejfavnqhsan , 3 pl. aor. I pass. of faivnw .


faavntero" , a, on , Ep. Comp. of faeinov" , brighter, Anth.; Sup. faavntato" , h, on , brightest, Od.


fa±gevein and fa±gevmen , Ep. for fagei`n .

fa gei`n, FA GE `IN

F ØAGE `IN , inf. of e[fa±gon , with no pres. in use, used as aor. 2 of ejsqivw :— to eat, devour, fagevmen kai; pievmen Od.; fagei`n te kai; piei`n Ar., etc.; c. gen. to eat of a thing, Od.

2. to eat up, devour, squander, Ib.
II. in N.T. occurs a f. favgomai , 2 sing. favgesai . Hence favge"


favge" , Ep. 2 sing. of fagei`n :— favgh/si , Ep. 3 sing. subj.

fagov", favgo"

fa±gov" , oJ , a glutton, N.T.


favgwnti , Dor. for favgwsi , 3 pl. subj. of fagei`n .


fave , Ep. for e[fae , 3 sing. impf. of favw .


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