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Y .

Y, y

Y y, yi` , tov , indecl., twenty-third letter of the Gr. alphabet: as a numeral, yV = 700, but, Ëy = 700,000.—The letter y is a double Consonant, compounded of the labial p or f with " , = p", f" : the character y , ascribed to Simonides, was adopted at Athens in the archonship of Euclides (Ol. 94. 2) at the same time with h, w, x .


Yaivrw , only in pres. , ( yavw ):

I. trans. to graze, scrape, touch gently, oi\mon aijqevro" yaivrei is ready to skim the path of ether, Aesch.

II. intr. to move lightly, flutter, rustle, murmur, Luc.


yaistov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of yavw : ta; yaistav ( sc. povpana ) cakes of ground barley, used at sacrifices, Ar.


yaivstwr , oro", oJ , ( yavw ) one that wipes off, Anth.


ya±kavzw , f. avsw , ( yakav" ) to rain in small drops, drizzle, drip, Ar .: impers. , yakavzei it drizzles. From yakav"


ya±kav" , later yekav", avdo", hJ , ( yavw ) any small piece broken off, a grain, morsel, bit, ajrgurivou mhde; yakav" , i.e. not even a silver penny, Ar. ; collectively, yavmmou yekav" grains of sand, Anth.

II. a drop of rain; and collectively, drizzling rain, u{sqhsan aiJ Qh`bai yakavdi Hdt .; yaka;" de; lhvgei drops are ceasing, i.e. a storm is coming, Aesch. :—generally, rain, Eur .; yakavdi foiniva" drovsou with a sprinkling of bloody dew, Aesch.

2. Comic name for a sputterer, Ar.


ya±liØdov-stomo" , on , nipper-mouthed, of a crab, Batr.


ya±livzw , ( yaliv" ) to clip with scissors, Babr.


yavlion »a±1/4, tov , part of the bridle, a kind of curb-chain, Xen .; yalivoi" ejdavmase pwvlou" Eur.

2. generally, a chain, bond, Aesch .; metaph. , of a person, y. oijketw`n a curb upon the household, Id. (Deriv. unknown.)


ya±liv" , ivdo", hJ , a pair of scissors, Lat. forfex , Anth.

II. a building with a pointed stone roof, a vault, Lat. fornix , Soph. (Deriv. unknown.)

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