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pefuteumevnh (for vines and olives), Arist.

II. of animals, stript of hair or feathers, bare, smooth, devrma Od.; i\bi" yilh; kefalhvn bald on the head, Hdt.

2. generally, bare, uncovered, yilo;n wJ" oJra`/ nevkun Soph .: —c. gen. bare of, separated from, yilh; swvmato" ou\sa »hJ yuchv1/4 Plat. b. bare, stript of appendages, yilh; trovpi" the bare keel with the planks torn from it, Od.; y. qrivdax a lettuce with the side-leaves pulled off, Hdt .; y. mavcairai swords without other arms, Xen.

III. oiJ yiloiv ( sc. tw`n o{plwn ) soldiers without heavy armour, light troops, such as archers and slingers, opp. to oJpli`tai , Hdt. , Thuc. , etc. ; to; yilovn , opp. to to; oJplitikovn , Xen. ; y. e[cwn th;n kefalhvn bare-headed, without helmet, Id.

IV. yilo;" lovgo" bare language, i.e. prose, as opp. to poetry which is clothed in metre, Plat. ; also,
y. lovgo" is a mere speech, a speech unsupported by evidence, Dem.
2. yilh; poivhsi" mere poetry, without music, i.e. Epic poetry, as opp. to Lyric, Plat .:—but, yilh; mousikhv instrumental music unaccompanied by the voice, Arist.

3. Oedipus seems to call Antigoné his yilo;n o[mma , as being the one poor eye left him, Soph.
V. Adv. yilw`" , merely, only, Plut. Hence yilovth"


yi<Eth>lovth" , hto", hJ , nakedness, of a plain, Plut.

2. baldness, Id.


yi<Eth>lovw , f. wvsw , ( yilov" ) to strip bare of hair, Hdt. :— Pass. to become bald, Hes .: generally, to be laid bare, Xen.

II. c. gen. to strip bare of, to strip of a thing, Hdt.
2. generally, to leave naked, unarmed or defenceless, Thuc.
III. Pass. also of things, to be stripped off something, ta; kreva ejyilwmevna tw`n ojstevwn Hdt.

yimuvqion, yimmuvqion

yimuvqion or yimmuvqion , tov , ( yivmuqo" ) white lead, used to whiten the face, Ar. , Xen.


yimuØqiovw , f. wvsw , to paint with white lead, to; provswpon Plut .: —Pass ., pf. inf. ejyimuqiw`sqai Lys.


yivmuØqo" »iØ1/4, oJ , radic. form of yimuvqion , Anth. (Prob. a foreign word.)


yivn , Dor. for sfivn , dat. of sfei`" .

yivx, YI vX

YI vX , hJ , gen. yi<Eth>cov", oJ, hJ , a crumb, morsel.


yitta±kov" , oJ , a parrot, Plut .; also yittavkh , hJ , Arist. (A foreign word.)


yi<Eth>c-avrpax , a±go", oJ , ( yivx ) Crumb-filcher, name of a mouse in Batr.

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