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yuch`" ajnelevsqai to take revenge for the life of Aesop, Hdt. ; yuch;n ajfievnai to give up the ghost, Eur.

2. metaph. of things dear as life, crhvmata ga;r yuch; brotoi`si Hes .; pa`si dÆ ajnqrwvpoi" yuch; tevknÆ »ejstiv1/4 Eur.

II. the departed soul, spirit, ghost, Hom.
2. the soul or spirit of man, Lat. anima , opp. to sw`ma , Plat. , Xen. :— yuchv tino" , periphr. for the man himself, Soph. ; also yucaiv , souls, = a[nqrwpoi , Aesch. , Ar. :—hence in addressing persons, w\ meleva yuchv Soph .; w\ ajgaqh; kai; pisth; y . Xen. ; pa`sa yuch; uJpotassevsqw let every soul be subject, N.T.

3. the soul, heart, yuch;n a[riste Ar .; ejk th`" yuch`" with all the heart, Xen.
4. appetite, dou`naiv ti th`/ yuch`/ , like Lat. indulgere animo , Aesch.
III. the soul, mind, understanding, yuch;n oujk a[kro" Hdt.


yu<Eth>chvio" , h, on , ( yuchv ) alive, living, Pythag. ap. Luc.


yu<Eth>civdion , tov , Dim. of yuchv , Lat. animula , Luc.


yu<Eth>cikov" , hv, ovn , ( yuchv ) of the soul or life, spiritual, opp. to swmatikov" , Arist. , Anth.

2. concerned with the life only, animal, oJ y. a[nqrwpo" the natural man, opp. to oJ pneumatikov" , N. T


yu<Eth>co-dai?kth" , ou, oJ , killing the soul, Anth.


yu<Eth>co-dothvr , h`ro", oJ , giver of the soul or life, Anth.


yu<Eth>co-liØphv" , ev" , ( leivpw ) lifeless, Anth.


yu<Eth>co-ma±cevw , f. hvsw , ( mavcomai ) to fight to the last gasp, fight desperately, Polyb. Hence yucomaciva


yu<Eth>coma±civa , hJ , desperate fighting, Polyb.


yu<Eth>co-pla±nhv" , ev" , making the soul wander, Anth.


yu<Eth>co-pompov" , ovn , conductor of souls, of Charon, Eur.


yu<Eth>corra±gevw , f. hvsw , to let the soul break loose, i.e. to lie at the last gasp, Lat. animam agere , Eur.

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