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R .


R , r, rJw`, tov , indecl., seventeenth letter of Gr. Alphabet, as numeral rV = 100, but Ër 100,000. Dialectic and other changes:

1. Aeol ., at the end of words " passed into r , as ou|tor, i{ppor for ou|to", i{ppo" ; cf. Lat. arbor arbos, honor honos .

2. in Att. , rr replaced the Ion. and old Att. r" , as a[rrhn, qavrro" for a[rshn, qavrso" .
3. in some words r is transposed, as kavrto" Ep. for kravto", ajtarpov" for ajtrapov", kradivh for kardiva : —mostly in Poets.

II. r at the beginning of a word was pronounced so as to make a short vowel at the end of the word before long by position, as, yucrh; uJpo; rJiph`" Il.

2. by reason of this pronunc., r was doubled after a Prep. or a privat., and after the augment, as ajporrivptw, a[rrwsto", e[rriya .

3. if r begins a word, it takes the rough breathing, except in Aeol.


rJav »a±1/4 , enclit. Particle, Ep. for a[ra , Hom. , and in lyric passages of Trag.


rJabbiv, rJabboniv, rJabbouniv , o my Master, Hebr. words in N.T.


rJabdivon , tov , Dim. of rJavbdo" , a little rod, a wand, Babr.


rJabdo-ma±civa , hJ , ( mavcomai ) a fighting with a staff or foil, Plut.


rJabdonomevw , f. hvsw , to sit as umpire, Soph. From rJabdonovmo"


rJabdo-novmo" , on , ( nevmw ) holding a rod or wand; hence, like rJabdou`co" , of the Rom. lictors, Plut.

rJavbdo", JRA vBDOS, rJavbdo"

JRA vBDOS , hJ , a rod, wand, stick, switch, Lat. virga , Hom ., Xen.

2. a magic wand, as that of Circé or Hermes, Hom.
3. a fishing-rod, Od.:—also a limed twig, for catching birds, Ar.
4. a spear-staff or shaft, Xen.
5. a staff of office, like the earlier skh`ptron , Pind.
6. the wand borne by the rJayw/dov" : hence, kata; rJavbdon ejpevwn according to the measure of his (Homers) verses, Pind.

7. a rod for chastisement, Plat .; aiJ rJavbdoi the fasces of the Roman lictors, Plut.
II. a stripe or strip, Il.


rJabdoucevw , f. hvsw , to carry a rod or wand, as a badge of office:— Pass. , at Rome, to have the fasces

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