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S .


S, ", si`gma , tov , indecl., a semi-vowel, eighteenth letter of the Gr. Alph.: as numeral "V = 200, but Ë" 200,000.

I. beside the form S , it was written as a semicircle . In the written character, final " became " : from which must be distinguished the character " = 6. There was also a Doric name savn »a±1/4 ( cf. sam-fovra"
), which appeared at the end of the alphabet as sampiv or sampi` , &Thorn; , = 900.
II. dialectic and other changes:
1. Aeol. and Ion. into d , as ojdmhv i[dmen for ojsmhv i[smen .
2. . Aeol. and Dor. into t, tuv i[ttw Potivdan potiv fativ for suv i[stw Poseidw`n prov" fhsiv :—so in later Att. , as mevtaulo" thvmeron for mevsaulo" shvmeron :—in later Att. , also s" passed into tt, pravttw tavttw for pravssw tavssw, qavlatta h{ttwn for qavlassa h{sswn .

3. in Aeol. and Dor. , and in Poets, " was often doubled, as o{sso" mevsso" ojpivssw for o{so" mevso" ojpivsw , and in fut. and aor. I forms, as damavssw ojlevssw , etc. for damavsw ojlevsw , etc.

4. " sometimes passed into pt or vice versa, as pevssw and pevptw, o[yomai ( * o[ptw ) and o[ssomai, ejnivssw and ejnivptw .

5. Dor. into x , in fut. and aor. I of Verbs, with their deriv. Nouns, as ejrgavxomai ceivrixi" for ejrgavsomai ceivrisi" :—so in Ion. , dixov" trixov" for dissov" trissov" ; and in old Att. , the Prep. suvn , with all its Compds., was written xuvn .

6. Att. " and s" sometimes passed into y , cf. Y y III .
77. in Aeol. , as in Lat. , " represents the aspirate, Salmudhssov" JAlmudhssov", su`" ( Lat. sus ) u|", a{l" sal, e{x sex, eJptav septem, e{rpw serpo, u{lh sylva.

8. prefixed to words beginning with m and t, muvraina smuvraina, mikrov" smikrov", tevgo" stevgw , Lat. tego ; more rarely before k and f, skivdnamai kivdnamai, sfavllw fallo, sfendovnh funda.

9. " was inserted in the middle of words before q , esp. by Poets in the 1 pers. pl. pass. and med. , as tuptovmesqa for tuptovmeqa ; so o[pisqen for o[piqen .

10. conversely, the Lacon. used to throw out " between two vowels, writing Mw`a for Mou`sa .
11. " changed into r , Dor. and Att. , when another r goes before, as a[rrhn for a[rshn, qavrro" for qavrso" .

12. Lacon., " is substituted for q , as siov" jAsavna parsevno" for qeov" jAqhvnh parqevno" .
13. Dor ., sd for z , as masdov" travpesda for mazov" travpeza .
14. " is appended to ou{tw a[cri mevcri before a vowel.

, by apostr. for sev ; rarely for soiv .

II. for sav , neut. pl. of sov" .


sa` , fem. sing. and neut. pl. of sw`" .


sav mavn ; Doric for tiv mhvn ; Ar.

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Sa±bavzio" , oJ , ( Sabov" ) a Phyrgian deity, identified with Bacchus, Ar .:— ta; Sabavzia Bacchic orgies,

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