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beasts of burthen: hence,

I. of warriors, in Pass. to be fully armed, Hdt .; calkw`/ sesagmevnoi Theocr.
2. to furnish with all things needful, savxante" u{dati »th;n ejsbolhvn1/4 having furnished the entrance (into Egypt) with water, Hdt.

II. generally, to load heavily, fill quite full of a thing: Pass. , c. gen ., phmavtwn sesagmevno" laden with woes, Aesch. ; trihvrh" sesagmevnh ajnqrwvpwn Xen .:—also c. dat. to fill full with a thing, Luc. ; so in Med. , crusw`/ saxavmeno" phvrhn Id.:— Pass. , sesagmevno" plouvtou th;n yuchvn having his fill of riches, Xen.

III. to pack close, press down, Id.


Sa±tuØrikov" , hv, ovn , ( Savturo" ) like a Satyr, Plut.

2. of or resembling the Satyric drama, Plat ., Arist. :— saturikovn, tov , a Satyric drama, Xen.


Sa±tuØrivsko" , oJ , Dim. of Savturo" , Theocr.


SavtuØro" , oJ , Dor. Tivturo" , a Satyr, companion of Bacchus, Hes. , etc. : the Satyrs were represented with pointed ears, snub nose, goats tail, and budding horns: later, goats’ legs were added. They differed from Pan and Fauns by the want of real horns.

II. a play in which the Chorus consisted of Satyrs, the Satyric drama (not to be confounded with the Rom. Satura or Satira), Ar. It formed the fourth piece of a Tragic tetralogy: the only Satyric drama extant is the Cyclops of Eur. (Deriv. uncertain.)


saulovomai , Pass. ( sau`lo" ) to swagger, dance affectedly, Eur.


saulo-prwktiavw , to walk in a swaggering way, Ar.

sau`lo", Sau`lo"

sau`lo" , h, on , swaggering, straddling, h. Hom. , etc.


sauvnion or saunivon , tov , a javelin, Menand., Strab. (Foreign word.)


sauvra , Ion. sauvrh , hJ , a lizard, Lat. lacerta , Hdt.


sauro-ktovno" , on , ( kteivnw ) lizard-killer, epith. of Apollo, Plin.


Sauromavth" »a±1/4, ou, oJ , a Sarmatian, Hdt .: —fem. Sauromavti" , Id.


sau`ro" , oJ , = sauvra , Lat. lacertus , Hdt.

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