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suvm-pa<Eth>" , Att. xuvmpa" , -pa`sa, -pa`n , all together, all at once, all in a body, Hom ., Hdt. , Att. ; in Att. , the Art. is often added in the case of Numerals, pevntÆ h\san oiJ xuvmpante" Soph.

II. with collective nouns, the whole, oJ ". stratov" Hdt .; strato;" " . Soph. ; xuvmpasa povli" the state as a whole, Thuc .; x. gnwvmh the general scope (of a speech), Id.

2. to; suvmpan the whole together, the sum of the matter, Hdt. ; to; xuvmpan eijpei`n Thuc.
III. to; suvmpan , as Adv. altogether, on the whole, in general, Id., etc.


sum-pavscw , f. -peivsomai : pf. -pevponqa : aor. 2 sunepavqon :— to suffer together, be affected by the same thing, Plat.

II. to have a fellow-feeling, sympathise, feel sympathy, Id.


sum-pa±tavssw , f. xw , to strike with or together, Eur.


sum-pa±tevw , f. hvsw , to tread together, trample under foot, Babr .: —Pass. to be trampled under foot, Aeschin.


sum-pedavw , f. hvsw , to bind together: metaph. of frost, to benumb, Xen.


sum-peivqw , f. sw , to join or assist in persuading, Xen .;—also, ". tou` mh; ajqumei`n to help in persuading against despair, Thuc. :— Pass. to allow oneself to be persuaded at the same time, Aeschin.


suvm-peiro" , on , ( pei`ra ) acquainted with, tini Pind.


sum-peivrw , to pierce through together, Plut.


sum-pevmpw , f. yw , to send with or at the same time, Hdt ., Att.

2. to help in conducting, Lys.


sum-penqevw , f. hvsw , trans. to join in mourning for a thing, ti Isocr.

II. intr. to mourn together with, tiniv Aesch .; absol. , Eur.


sum-pevnomai , Dep. to be poor along with another in a thing, tiniv tino" Plat.


sum-peraivnw , f. a±nw` , to join or assist in accomplishing, Eur .: —Med ., sumperaivnesqaiv tini e[cqran to join fully in enmity with another, Dem.

II. to decide or conclude absolutely, ". frontivda to make up ones mind, Eur. ; klh`/qra mocloi`" "
. to make the doors doubly sure by bars, Id.:— Pass. to be quite finished, Xen. Hence sumpevrasma

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