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selhnaivh , hJ , poët. for selhvnh , Ar. ; Dor. selanaiva Eur.


selhnai`o" , a, on , lighted by the moon, ". nuvx a moonlight night, Orac. ap. Hdt. , Anth. From selhvnh


selhvnh , hJ , Dor. selavna , ( sevla" ) the moon, Lat. luna , Hom .; ". plhvqousa the full- moon, Il.; noumhniva kata; selhvnhn , i.e. by the lunar month, Thuc. ; pro;" th;n selhvnhn by moonlight, Xen .; so, eij" th;n " . Aeschin. :— th;n ". kaqairei`n , Horaces lunam deducere, of witches, Ar. ; dekavth/ selhvnh/ in the tenth moon (i.e. month), Eur.

II. as fem. prop. n., SeleneΠ, the goddess of the moon, Hes ., etc. Hence selhniavzomai


selhniavzomai , Dep. to be moonstruck, i.e. epileptic, N.T.


selhniakov" , hv, ovn , of or for the moon, lunar, Plut .; and selidhfavgo"


seliØdh-favgo" »a±1/4, on , ( seliv", fa±gei`n ) devouring leaves of books, of a bookworm, Anth.


sevli<Eth>non , tov , parsley, Lat. apium , Hom ., etc. :—with its leaves victors at the Isthmian and Nemean games were crowned, Pind. :—from its being planted in garden borders came the prov., oujdÆ ejn selivnw/ oujdÆ ejn phgavnw/ ‘tis scarcely begun yet,’ Ar. (Deriv. unknown.)

seliv", SELI vS

SELI vS , ivdo", hJ , a plank: metaph. a leaf of papyrus: —generally, the page of a book, Anth.


Selloiv , aiJ , the Selli, guardians of the oracle of Zeus at Dodona, bound to live a rough, austere life, Il., Soph. ,


sevlma , ato", tov , ( seliv" ?) the deck of a ship, h. Hom. , Eur. 2. in pl. sevlmata , rowing-benches, Lat. transtra , Trag.
3. generally, a seat, throne, Aesch.
4. sevlmata puvrgwn scaffolds behind the parapet, on which the defenders of the wall stood, Id.
5. logs of building timber, Strab.


semivda<Eth>li" , hJ, ew" or io" , the finest wheaten flour, Lat. simila, similago , Ar.


semnologevw , f. hvsw , to speak gravely and solemnly, Aeschin .:—also as Dep. semnologevomai , to talk in solemn phrases, Dem. From semnolovgo"

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