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sun-algevw , f. hvsw , to share in suffering, sympathise, Soph .: —absol ., oiJ xunalgou`nte" those who are partners in sorrow, Id.

2. c. dat. rei, to sympathise, shew sympathy at or in, Aesch ., Eur. Hence sunalghdwvn


sunalghdwvn , ovno", hJ , joint grief: —in pl. , = aiJ sunalgou`sai , partners in pain, Eur.


sun-a±leivfw , f. yw , to smear or gloss over, Arist.


sun-alivzw , aor. 2 sunhvlisa , to bring together, collect, Hdt .: —Pass. to come together, assemble, Id., Xen. , etc. ; of a single person, to associate with others, N.T.


sunalla±ghv , hJ , an interchange of words for purposes of conciliation, Soph ., Eur. : absol. a reconciliation, making of peace, Thuc .: pl. a treaty of peace, Xen.

2. generally, commerce, intercourse, Eur.
II. intervention, daimovnwn xunallagai`" by special interventions of the deities, Soph. ; novsou xunallagh`/ by intervention of disease, Id.: generally, the issue of intervention, a contingency, incident, Id.; ojleqrivaisi sunall . with destructive issues, Id.


sunavllagma , ato", tov , a mutual agreement, covenant, contract, Dem ., etc. : in pl. dealings between men, Arist .; and sunavllaxi"


sunavllaxi" , hJ , exchange, Plat. From sunallavssw


sun-allavssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to bring into intercourse with, associate with, tinav tini Aesch .:— Pass. to have intercourse with, tiniv Soph ., Eur.

2. to reconcile, tinav tini Thuc .: —Pass. and Med. to be reconciled, to make a league or alliance with, prov" tina Id., Xen. ; absol. to make peace, Thuc ., Xen.

II. intr. to have dealings with another, Soph. , Eur.
2. to enter into engagements or contracts, Dem ., Arist.


sun-avllomai , Dep. to leap together, Luc.


sun-a±loavw , aor. I -hloivhsa , to thresh out together, to grind to powder, crush, shiver, Theocr.


sun-a±luvw , to wander about with another, c. dat ., Plut.


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