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sun-anatolhv , hJ , a rising together, strab.


sun-anatrevcw , f. -dra±mou`mai , to run up with, Plut.


sun-anafqevggomai , f. xomai , Dep. to cry out or speak together, Plut.


sun-anafuvrw »u<Eth>1/4, to knead ur togethep :— Pass. , aor. 2 -efuvrhn »uØ1/4 , to wallow together, Luc.


sun-anacrevmptomai , Dep. to cough up together, Luc.


sun-anivsthmi , f. -sthvsw , to make to stand up or rise together, Xen .: to assist in restoring, Id.

II. Pass. with aor. 2 act. , to rise at the same time, Id.; tini with one, Id.


sun-antavw , Ep. 3 dual impf. -anthvthn : f. -hvsw : aor. I -hvnthsa : pf. -hvnthka :— to meet face to face,

of two persons, Od.; of many persons, to meet together, assemble, Philipp. ap. Dem.

II. like ajntavw , to meet with, meet, tiniv Eur ., Ar. ; so in Med. , Il.:— c. acc. cogn. , sunanta`n sunavnthsin Eur.

2. c. dat. rei, to come in contact with, fovnw/ Id.
III. to befal, of accidents, etc. , tiniv Plut ., N.T. Hence sunavnthsi"


sunavnthsi" , hJ , a meeting, Eur.


sun-antiavzw , = sunantavw, tiniv , Soph.


sun-antlevw , f. hvsw , to drain along with, ". povnou" tiniv to join him in bearing all his sufferings, Lat. una exhaurire labores , Eur.


sun-avntomai , Dep. only in pres. and impf. to fall in with, meet, absol. or c. dat ., Hom. , etc. ; in hostile sense, to meet in battle, Il.: metaph. , fovrmiggi " . to approach (i.e. use) the lyre, Pind.


sun-a±nuvtw »uØ1/4 , to come to an end with, c. dat ., Aesch.


sunanuvw , f. sw , to arrive together, Plut.


sun-axiovw , f. wvsw , to join in requiring, Xen.

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