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sun-devomai , Dep. to join in begging, tiv tino" something of a person, Dem.


suvn-desmo" , oJ , heterog. pl. suvndesma , a bond of union, bond, fastening, Eur ., Thuc. : metaph. , good men are called oJ x. th`" povlew" the bond that keeps the state together, Plat.

2. in Grammar, a conjunction, Arist.


sun-desmwvth" , ou, oJ , a fellow-prisoner, Thuc ., Plat.


suvn-deto" , on , bound hand and foot, Soph.

II. as Subst. suvndeton, tov , a band, Eur.


sun-devw , Att. xun-devw , f. -dhvsw :— to bind or tie together, of two or more things, sunevdhsa povda" Od.; tou;" povda" kai; ta;" cei`ra" Plat .; devlton " . to fasten up the tablets, Eur. :— Pass. , ijsciva mh; sundedemevna flanks not drawn up, of dogs, Xen.

2. of persons, to bind hand and foot, Il., Hdt. , etc.
3. to bind up a wound, Il.
4. generally, to bind together, unite, Eur ., Plat.
II. Med ., suvndhsai pevplou" gird up thy robes, Eur.


suvn-dhlo" , on , quite clear or manifest, Arist.


sun-dhlovw , f. wvsw , to make altogether clear, Arist.


sun-dhma±gwgevw , to join in seeking popularity, Plut.


sun-diabaivnw , f. -bhvsomai , to go through or cross over together, Thuc ., Xen.


sun-diabavllw , f. -ba±lw` , to convey over together: absol ., Lat. una trajicere , sund. to;n kovlpon to cross the gulf together, Thuc.

II. to accuse along with, Dem .: —Pass. to be accused together, Thuc.


sun-diabiØbavzw , Causal of sundiabaivnw , to carry through or over together, Xen.


sun-diagignwvskw , f. -gnwvsomai , to join with others in determining or decreeing, Thuc.


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