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xunevdoxe toi`" a[lloi" Thuc .: —absol ., in answers, xunedovkei hJmi`n tau`ta ; were we agreed on these points? i.e. we were agreed, Plat.

2. impers. it seems good also, Eur. , Ar. , etc. :—so, absol. , in part. , sundokou`n a{pasin uJmi`n since you all agree, Xen .; sundovxan tw`/ patriv since the father approved, Id.

II. so in pf. pass. part ., lovgo" toi`" ejpieikestavtoi" sundedogmevno" in which they also agree, Plat.


sun-dokiØmavzw , f. sw , to examine together, Isocr.


sun-doxavzw , f. sw , to join in approving, Arist.

2. to agree with, tw`/ swvmati Porph. in Stob.
II. Pass. to be glorified together, N.T.


suvndoxan , aor. I part. neut. of sundokevw .


sun-douleuvw , f. sw , to be a fellow-slave with, tiniv Eur.


suvn-doulo" , oJ, hJ , a fellow-slave, Hdt ., Eur. , etc. : a special fem. sundouvlh in Babr.


sun-dravw , f. avsw »a<Eth>1/4 , to do together, help in doing, Soph ., Thuc. ; ". tiv tini Eur .; x. a|ima kai; fovnon to help in bloodshed and murder, Id.; to; sundrw`n crevo" the joint necessity, Id.


sundromav" , avdo" , fem. of suvndromo", aiJ ". pevtrai , = sumplhgavde" , Eur. ; ". Kuavneai Theocr.


sun-dromhv , hJ , ( drovmo" ) a tumultuous concourse of people, ap. Arist.

2. of things, hJ ". tou` lovgou its conclusion, moral, Anth.


suvn-dromo" , on , running together, meeting, ". pevtrai , = sundromavde" , Pind.

2. as Subst. a place where several roads meet, Strab.
II. running along with, close-following, Anth .: —Adv. sundrovmw" Aesch.


sun-duavzw , f. avsw , to join two and two, couple, Arist .: —Pass. to be coupled with something else, Id.

2. in Pass. to be coupled, to pair, Xen.


sun-duav" , avdo", hJ , ( duvo ) paired, ". a[loco" ones wedded wife, Eur.

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