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suneilegmevno" , pf. pass. part. of sul-levgw .


sun-eilevw , f. hvsw , to crowd together, Hdt .; of things, to bind tight together, Id.:— Pass. to be crowded or pressed together, Xen ., etc.


suneivlhfa, -eivlhmmai , pf. of sullambavnw .


suneivlhca , pf. of sullagcavnw .


suvn-eimi , f. evsomai , ( eijmiv sum) to be with, be joined or linked with a thing, c. dat ., Od.; periphr. for a simple Verb, ". ojneivrasin to dream, Aesch .; ". novsw/ = nosei`n , Soph. ; kakoi`" polloi`" x . to be acquainted with miseries, Id.; ". pravgmasi to be engaged in business, Ar. ; ". hJdonai`", luvpai", deivmasi Plat .;—reversely, ejmoi; xuvnestin ejlpiv" Eur .; and absol. , a\tai ajei; xunou`sai Soph .; oJ crovno" xunw;n makrov" Id.

II. to have intercourse with a person, live with, tini Id., Eur. , etc. ; metav tino" Ar.
2. to live with a husband, = sunoikevw , Hdt.
3. to attend, as to a pupil attends a master, Xen. , etc. ; of the teacher, Id.:— oiJ sunovnte" associates, disciples, partisans, Plat.

4. to have dealings with, tini Thuc .; ". i{ppoi" to have to do with them, Plat.
5. to take part with, tini Aesch ., etc.


suvneimi , ( ei\mi ibo) to go or come together, to assemble, Il., Hdt. , Thuc.

2. in hostile sense, to meet in battle, Il., etc. : of states, to engage in war, Thuc.
3. in peaceable sense, to come together, meet to deliberate, Id.
II. of revenue, to come in, Hdt.


sun-ei`pon , aor. 2 of sunagoreuvw or suvmfhmi :— to speak with any one, confirm what another says, Isocr. : to agree with, tiniv Xen.

2. to advocate anothers cause, Dem. ; generally, to help, further, Isocr.
3. to help to tell, Eur.


sun-eivrgnu<Eth>mi , = sunevrgw , Plut.


suneivrgw , Att. for sunevrgw .


suneivrhka , used as pf. of suvmfhmi .


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