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sunexetazovmenoi metav tino" or tini his party or adherents, Dem.


sun-exeurivskw , to assist in finding out, Eur ., Isocr.


sun-exhmerovomai , Pass. to be civilised together, Plut.


sun-exicneuvw , f. sw , to trace out along with, tiv tini Plut.


sun-exormavw , f. hvsw , to help to urge on, Isocr.

II. intr. to rush forth or sally out together, Xen.


sun-exwqevw , f. hvsw , to thrust out together, Strab.


sun-eocmov" , oJ , poët. for sun-ocmov" , = sunochv , a joining, joint, Il.


sun-epavgw , f. xw , to lead together against, Thuc.

2. to join in bringing in a foreign force to aid, Id.


sun-epa±gwnivzomai , f. -iou`mai , Dep. to join in stirring up a contest besides, Polyb.


sun-epav/dw , poët. -aeivdw , f. -av/somai , to join in celebrating, Eur.


sun-epainevw , f. evsw , Ep. hvsw , to approve, together, give joint assent, consent, Aesch ., Xen. ;— c. inf. , ". mavcesqai to join in the recommendation to fight, Thuc. ;— ". ti to consent or agree to, Id.

II. to join in praising, tina Xen ., Plat.


sun-evpaino" , on , joining in approbation of a thing, sun. ei\nai to give ones consent to a thing, tini or absol. , Hdt. ; c. acc. et inf. to consent that. . , Id.


sun-epaivrw , f. -a±rw` , to raise or lift at the same time, Xen .: —Pass. to be elevated together with, tiniv Luc.

II. to urge on together or also, Xen .: —Pass. to rise together with others, c. dat ., Plut.


sun-epaitiavomai , f. -somai , Dep. to accuse also of a thing, tinav tino" Thuc.

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