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sun-qea<Eth>thv" , ou`, oJ , a fellow-spectator, Plat.


sunqevmeno" , aor. 2 med. part. of suntivqhmi .


suvnqeo , Ep. for -qou` , aor. 2 med. imper. of suntivqhmi .


sun-qerivzw , to reap together, Ar.


sunqesiva , hJ , ( suntivqhmi ) mostly in pl. , like sunqh`kai , a covenant, treaty, Il.; Ep. gen. pl. sunqesiavwn Ib.


suvnqesi" , hJ , ( suntivqhmi ) a putting together, composition, combination, Plat .; grammavtwn sunqevsei" , i.e. syllables and words, Aesch. :—also, of an authors composition, Isocr.

II. metaph ., like sunqesiva , an agreement, treaty, Pind ., Plut.
III. Lat. synthesis was a suit of clothes, Mart.; esp. a loose gown, worn at dinner-parties, Id.


sunqetevon , verb. Adj. one must compound, Plat.


sunqetikov" , hv, ovn , ( suntivqhmi ) skilled in putting together, constructive, Plat ., Luc.


suvn-qeto" , on , put together, composite, compound, Plat ., Xen. : complex, Arist.

II. put together, fictitious, Aesch.
III. metaph. agreed upon, ejk sunqevtou by agreement, Lat. ex composito , Hdt.


sun-qevw , f. -qeuvsomai , to run together with: metaph ., oujc hJmi`n sunqeuvsetai h{de ge boulhv this counsel will not run smoothly, will not succeed, for us, Od.

II. to run together, meet in one point, Xen.


sun-qewrevw , f. hvsw , to act as qewrov" or go to a festival together, Lys .; tiniv with one, Ar.


sunqhvkh , hJ , ( suntivqhmi ) a composition, of words and sentences, Luc.

II. a conventional agreement, convention, compact, Plat ., Arist. ; ejk sunqhvkh" , ex composito, by agreement, Plat .; kata; sunqhvkhn conventionally, Arist.

2. the article of a compact or treaty, Thuc .:—mostly in pl. the articles of agreement, and collectively, a contract, compact, covenant, treaty, Hdt ., Att. ; sunqhvka" poievesqaiv tini Hdt ., Ar. ; ejk tw`n sunqhkw`n according to the covenant, Isocr .; kata; ta;" " . Thuc.

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