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sun-omhvqh" , e" , = sunhvqh" , Anth.


sun-omh`lix , Dor. -a`lix , iØko", oJ, hJ , a comrade, Theocr.


sun-omi<Eth>levw , f. hvsw , to converse with, tiniv N.T.


sun-ovmnu<Eth>mi or -uvw , f. -omovsw , to swear together, Xen ., Plut.

2. to promise by oath, tiv tini Soph .; xunwvmosan qavnaton patriv joined in swearing death against him, Aesch.

II. to join in a league or confederacy, Id., Thuc.
2. to form a confederacy with others, c. dat ., Thuc. : in bad sense, to conspire, Hdt ., Ar. , etc.


sun-omoiopaqevw , f. hvsw , to be similarly affected with, tiniv Arist.


sun-omologevw , f. hvsw , to say the same thing with, to agree with, tiniv Hdt ., Xen. , etc. :— to confess together, confess, concede, aujta; tau`ta Thuc .:—of disputants, to agree upon certain points, c. acc ., Xen. , Plat. ;-so in Med. , Plat. :— Pass. , ta; a[lla sunwmovloghtai Xen ., etc.

II. to agree to do, promise, tiv tini Id.
III. to come to terms with, make a covenant with, Id.


sun-omorevw , f. hvsw , to abut upon a place, c. dat ., N.T.


sun-omwvnuØmo" , on , having the same name with, c. gen ., Anth.


sun-opa<Eth>dov" , oJ , a companion, Plat.


suvn-oplo" , on , ( o{plon ) under arms together, allied, Eur.


sun-optikov" , hv, ovn , ( o[yomai ) seeing the whole together, taking a comprehensive view, Plat .; and suvnopto"


suvn-opto" , on , ( o[yomai ) that can be seen at a glance, in full view, Arist. From sunoravw


sun-oravw , f. -ovyomai : aor. 2 -ei`don , inf. -iØdei`n : cf. suvnoida :— to see together or at the same time, Xen.

II. to see in one view, see at a glance, whether with the eyes or mind, Plat. , Dem. :—in speaking, to

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