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2. to dash together: Pass ., of war, to break out, Plut.
II. intr. to break out together, break forth, of rivers, surrhgnu`si ej" to;n {Ermon break into the Hermus, join it, Hdt. : so pf. sunevrrwga (in pres. signf .) and plqpf. (in impf. ), oJ povlemo" xunerrwvgei the war broke out, Thuc.

2. like surravssw , to meet in battle, engage, Plut.


sur-rizovomai , Pass. to have the roots united, Luc.


Suvrti" , gen. ew" , Ion. io" , ( suvrw ) the Syrtis, name of two large sand-banks (Major and Minor) on the coast of Libya, Hdt. , etc.


suvrfax , a<Eth>ko", oJ , = surfetov" 1. 1, Ar.


surfetov" , oJ , ( suvrw ) anything swept together, sweepings, refuse, rubbish, litter, Lat. quisquiliae , Hes.

2. metaph. a mixed crowd, mob, rabble, Plat .: of a single person, one of the mob ( cf. Hor. plebs eris), Id.


surfet-wvdh" , e" , ( surfetov", ei\do" ) jumbled together, promiscuous, Luc.

suvrw, SU vRW, suvrw

SU vRW »u<Eth>1/4 , f. suØrw` : aor. I e[su<Eth>ra : pf. sevsurka :— Pass. , aor. 2 ejsuvrhn »uØ1/4 : pf. sevsurmai :— to draw, drag, or trail along, Theocr .: —Pass. to trail along, Anth.

2. to drag by force, hale, Theocr .:—of rivers, to sweep or carry down with them, Anth. :— Pass. to be swept away, Plut.


su`" , acc. su`n , v. u|" .


su-skedavnnu<Eth>mi , f. -skedw` , to help in scattering, to toss about, Ar.


suskevyomai , fut. of suskopevw .


su-skeuavzw , f. avsw , to make ready by putting together, to pack up baggage for another, Xen.

2. to help in preparing, to; dei`pnovn tini Ar .:—in bad sense, to contrive, concert, get up, Dem.
II. Med ., with pf. pass. suskeuvasmai , to pack up ones baggage, to pack up, Lat. convasare, vasa colligere , Thuc ., Xen. , etc. : part. aor. I med. and pf. pass. all packed up, in marching order, ready for a start, Xen .; also c. acc ., suneskeuasmevno" ta; eJautou` ejnqavde with all his goods packed up and brought hither, Lys.

2. to contrive, get up, organise, Dem.

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