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shtov-brwto" , on , ( shv", bi-brwvskw ) eaten by moths, N.T.


shtov-kopo" , on , ( kovptw ) = foreg., Anth.


-sqa , an ancient ending of 2 pers. sing. act ., in Hom. and other Poets, mostly in subj. , as ejqevlh/sqa, e[ch/sqa, ei[ph/sqa , rarely in opt. as klaivoisqa . In Att. it was retained in some irreg. Verbs, h\sqa, oi\sqa, h[/dhsqa .


sqena±rov" , av, ovn , strong, mighty, Il., Eur. :— Comp. sqenarwvtero" Soph. From sqevno"

sqevno", SQE vNOS

SQE vNOS , eo", tov , strength, might, Il., Pind. :— c. inf ., sq. polemivzein strength to war, Il.; sq. w{ste kaqelei`n Eur .; sqevnei by force, Soph .; lovgw/ te kai; sqevnei both by right and might, Id.; so, uJpo; sqevnou" Eur .; panti; sqevnei with all ones might, Thuc.

2. strength, might, of all kinds moral as well as physical, sqevno" th`" ajlhqeiva" Soph .; ajggevlwn sq . their might or authority, Aesch.

II. a force of men, like duvnami" , Il., Soph.
2. metaph ., like Lat. vis for copia, a quantity, profusion, Pind.
III. periphr., like bivh, i[", mevno" , as sqevnos jIdomenh`o", jWrivwno" , for Idomeneus, Orion, themselves, Il., Hes.


sqevnw , only in pres. and impf. , ( sqevno" ) to have strength or might, be strong or mighty, Soph ., Eur. ; sq. ceriv, posiv to be strong in hand, in foot, Soph. , Eur. ; sqevnonto" ejn plouvtw/ Soph .; tosou`ton sqevnei Id.; o{sonper a]n sqevnh/ Id.; oiJ kavtw sqevnonte" they who have power below, Eur.

2. c. inf. to have strength or power to do, be able, Soph ., Eur.


sia<Eth>gwvn , Ion. sihgwvn , ovno", hJ , the jawbone, jaw, Soph. (Deriv. unknown.)

sivalon, SI vA LON

SI vØALON or sivelon , tov , spittle, saliva, Xen ., etc.

sivalo", SI vA LOS

SI vØALOS , oJ , a fat hog, with or without su`" , Hom.


Sivbulla , hJ , a Sibyl, prophetess, Ar ., Plat. (Deriv. uncertain.) Hence Sibuvlleio"


SiØbuvlleio" , a, on , Sibylline, Plut .; and Sibulliavw


SiØbulliavw , to play the Sibyl: metaph. to be like an old Sibyl, old womanish, Ar .; and Sibullisthv"

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