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2. the Pass. is also used c. gen. rei, to be balked of or foiled in a thing, h\ kai; pathvr ti sfavlletai bouleumavtwn ; Aesch. ; sfavllesqai gavmou Eur .; th`" dovxh" Thuc. Hence sfavlma


sfavlma , ato", tov , a trip, stumble, false step, Anth.

II. metaph .,
1. a fall, failure, defeat, Hdt ., Thuc. , Eur. , etc.
2. a fault, failing, error, Hdt.


sfa±ra±gevomai , Dep. only in pres. and impf. , to burst with a noise, to crackle, sputter, rJivzai sfarageu`nto the roots of his eye crackled or hissed (when Ulysses burnt them with the hot stake), Od.

II. to be full even to bursting, Ib.; and sfaragivzw


sfa±ra±givzw , only in Ep. impf. sfaravgizon to stir up with noise and bustle, Hes.

sfavrago", SFA vRAGOS

SFA vRAGOS , oJ , a bursting with a noise.


sfa`" and sfav" , acc. of sfei`" .

II. sfav" »a<Eth>1/4 , acc. pl. fem. of sfov" .


sfavttw , later Att. for sfavzw , impf. e[sfatton .


sfe , acc. masc. and fem. of sfei`" , = aujtouv", aujtav" , them, Il., Aesch. , Soph.

2. as acc. dual, = aujtwv, aujtav , Hom.
3. neut. acc. pl ., = aujtav , Theocr.
II. as acc. sing. of i{ , = aujtovn, aujthvn , him, her, Hdt ., Trag.


sfeva±, sfeva±" , v. sfei`" .


sfeda±nov" , hv, ovn , = sfodrov" , furious, Anth.

II. in Hom. only as Adv. vehemently, eagerly.

sfei`", SFE `IS

SFE `IS , masc. and fem. pl. of the Pron. of 3rd person, they, = aujtoiv , Hdt. , Att. :—Gen. sfevwn , in Hom. of a monosyll.; Ep. also sfeivwn : Att. sfw`n :—Dat. sfisi ( -in ), Hom. , Aesch. ; more common in the apoc. forms sfi, sfin , Hom. , Hdt. , Att. : the use of sfi, sfin as dat. sing. for oiJ is rare, h. Hom. , Aesch. , Soph. :—Acc. sfeva±" , mostly enclit. pronounced as a long syllable, Hom. , Hdt. ; also sfa±" and sfeiva" (or sfei`a" ) Od.; sfa" (enclit.) or sfa`" , Trag. ; cf. sfe .

II. in Hom. this Pron. is always personal, and therefore he uses no neut. ; but Hdt. has neut. pl. sfeva .
2. this Pron. is used both for the demonstr. aujtoiv , they, and for the reflex. auJtw`n , etc. , themselves;

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