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Sfhttov" , oJ , a deme of the Acamantian fulhv in Attica, Strab. ; Sfhttoi` in or at Sphettos, Aeschin .; Sfhttovqen from Sph., Plut .:— Sfhvttio" , oJ , a Sphettian, Ar. Aeschin.


sfiØ, sfiØn , dat. of sfei`" .


sfiggivon , tov , a bracelet, necklace, Luc. From sfivggw

sfivggw, SFI vGGW

SFI vGGW , f. sfivgxw : aor. 2 e[sfigxa :— Pass. , aor. I ejsfivgcqhn : pf. e[sfigmai :— to bind tight, bind fast, Aesch ., Theocr. :— Pass. , Theocr. Hence sfigkthvr


sfigkthvr , h`ro", oJ , a band, lace, Anth.


sfigktov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of sfivggw , tight-bound: neut. pl. sfigktav as Adv. , Anth.


sfivgktwr , oro", oJ , poët. for sfigkthvr , Anth.


Sfivgx , Sfiggov", hJ , Sphinx, a she-monster, Hes. ; in Trag. represented as proposing a riddle to the Thebans, and murdering all who failed to guess it; Oedipus guessed it, and she thereupon killed herself. (Prob. form sfivggw , the Throttler.)


sfiØn, sfiØsiØ, sfiØsiØn , dat. of sfei`" .


sfoggivon, sfovggo" , Att. for spovggo" .


sfovdra± , Adv. , very, very much, exceedingly, violently, Hdt ., Soph. , etc. : with Adjs., sf. uJpevrteroi far superior, Pind. ; sf. a[diko" Plat .:—with a Subst. , th;n sfovdra filivan Id.

II. sfovdra ge, kai; sf. ge , in answers, most certainly, Id. From sfodrov", SFODRO vS

sfodrov", SFODRO vS

SFODRO vS , av, ovn , and also ov", ovn , vehement, violent, excessive, Thuc ., etc.

2. of men, violent, impetuous, Plat .: also strong, robust, Xen. Hence sfodrovth"


sfodrovth" , hto", hJ , vehemence, violence, Xen .; and sfodruvnomai


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