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II. sc. ajpov tino" , Lat. vacare a re , to have rest or respite from a thing, cease from doing, Xen.
III. scolavzein tiniv , Lat. vacare rei , to have leisure or opportunity for a thing, to devote ones time to it, Dem. ; prov" ti Xen.

2. also c. dat. pers. to devote himself to, toi`" fivloi" Id.: esp. of scholars, sc. tiniv to devote oneself to a master, attend his lectures, Id.; and absol. to give lectures, Plut.

IV. of a place, to be vacant or unoccupied, Id.


scolai`o" , a, on , ( scolhv ) at ones leisure, leisurely, tardy, Thuc ., Xen. :— Adv. -w" , Id.; Comp. scolaivtera Hdt .; or -aivteron , Thuc. ; Sup. -aivtata , Xen.


scolaiovth" , hto", hJ , leisureliness, laziness, Thuc.


scolasthvrion , tov , a place for passing leisure in, Plut.


scolasthv" , ou`, oJ , ( scolavzw ) one who lives at ease, Plut.

II. as Adj. leisurely, idle, bivo" Id.


scolastikov" , hv, ovn , ( scolavzw ) enjoying leisure, Lat. otiosus , Arist .; to; scolastikovn leisure, Id. II. devoting ones leisure to learning, a scholar, Plut .:—in bad sense, a pedant, simpleton, Luc.

scolhv, SCOL vH

SCOL vH , hJ , spare time, leisure, rest, ease, Lat. otium , Hdt ., etc. ; scolh;n a[gein and e[cein to be at leisure, keep quiet, Eur ., etc. ; sc. poiei`sqai to find leisure, Xen .; sc. labei`n Eur .; scolhv »ejstiv1/4 moi I have time, Ar ., etc. :—with a Prep. , ejpi; scolh`" at leisure, at a fit time, Eur .; kata; scolhvn Id.

2. c. gen. rest from a thing, scolh`/ kakou` Soph .; so, sc. ajpov tino" Plat.
3. idleness, Eur.
II. that in which leisure is employed, esp. a learned discussion, lecture, Plat ., etc.
2. a place for lectures, a school, Arist ., etc.
B. scolh`/ as Adv. in a leisurely way, tardily, like scolaivw" , Soph. , Thuc. , etc.
2. at ones leisure, i.e. scarcely, hardly, not at all, Soph ., etc. ; scolh`/ ge Id.:—to introduce an à fortiori argument, eij au|taimh; ajkribei`" eijsiv, scolh`/ aiJ a[llai if these are not exact, hardly can the rest be so, Plat.


scovlion , tov , ( scolhv II ) a short note, scholium, Luc.


scovmeno" , aor. 2 med. part. of e[cw : imper. scou` .


scw` , aor. 2 subj. of e[cw : 1 pl. scw`men : part. scwvn .


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