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swpavw , Dor. and poët. for siwpavw .


swvra±ko" , oJ , ( swrov" ) a basket or box, Babr.


swreivth" , ou, oJ , ( swrov" ) masc. Adj. heaped up: oJ swreivth" »sullogismov"1/4 a sorites or heap of syllogisms, the conclusion of one forming the premiss of the next, Luc.


swvreuma , ato", tov , a heap, pile, Xen. From swreuvw


swreuvw , f. euvsw , ( swrov" ) to heap one thing on another, Lat. coacervare , Arist ., N.T.

II. to heap with something, c. dat ., Anth.


swrhdovn , Adv. by heaps, in heaps, Anth. From swrov"


swrov" , oJ , ( sorov" ) a heap, Lat. acervus , Hes ., etc.

2. generally, a heap, quantity, Ar.

sw`", S `WS

S `WS , oJ, hJ , only found in nom. sw`" , acc. sw`n , pl. sw`" ; neut. sa` :—the Ion. sovo" is used by Hom. in all cases except the nom. sing. sw`" :—the form sw`o" used by Att. writers only in pl. sw`oi, sw`ai, sw`a :—the radic. form savo" occurs in the Comp. sa±wvtero" , v. sub savo" :— radic. sense safe and sound, alive and well, in good case, Lat. salvus , Hom ., Hdt. , Thuc.

II. of things, sound, whole, safe, Hom.
2. of events, safe, sure, certain, nu`n sw`" aijpu;" o[leqro" Il.


swsiv-poli" »iØ1/4, ido", oJ, hJ , saving the city, Ar.


swstevon , verb. Adj. of swvzw , one must save, Eur.


sw`stra , tav , ( swvzw ) a reward for saving ones life, a thankoffering for deliverance, sw`stra tou` paido;" quvein Hdt .; ". tivnein Luc.

2. a reward for bringing back lost cattle or slaves, Hdt. , Xen.


swvteira , hJ , fem. of swthvr , Hdt. , Eur. , etc.

2. epith. of goddesses ( cf. Juno Sospita), Pind ., Ar.


swthvr , h`ro", oJ , voc. sw`ter : ( swvzw ):— a saviour, deliverer, preserver, c. gen. subjecti,

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