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one, Xen. :— Med. to prepare food for oneself, take food, Id.; and sitopoiiva


si<Eth>topoiiva , hJ , breadmaking, the preparation of food, Xen .; and sitopoiikov"


si<Eth>topoiikov" , hv, ovn , for breadmaking, Xen. From sitopoiov"


si<Eth>to-poiov" , oJ, hJ, ". ajnavgkh the task of grinding and baking, Eur.

II. as Subst. one that ground the corn in the handmill, Thuc .; mostly fem. a bakingwoman, Hdt .; gunai`ke" " . Id., Thuc.


si<Eth>to-pompiva , hJ , ( pevmpw ) the conveyance or convoy of corn, Dem.

si`to", S `ITOS, si`to"

S `ITOS , oJ , heterog. pl. si`ta, tav , corn, grain, comprehending both wheat ( purov" ) and barley ( kriqhv
), Od., Thuc. ; ". ajlhlesmevno" ground corn, Hdt. , Thuc.
2. food made from grain, bread, as opp. to flesh-meat, Od., Hdt. ; si`ton e[donte" , a general epith. of men as opp. to beasts, Od.; hence of savages, who eat flesh only, oujdev ti si`ton h[sqion Hes.

3. in wider sense, meat, as opp. to drink, si`to" hjde; pothv" Hom .; si`ta kai; potav Hdt ., etc.
4. rarely of beasts, food, fodder, Hes ., Eur.
II. in Att. Law, the public allowance of grain made to widows and orphans, Dem.


si<Eth>t-ourgov" , ovn, ( * e[rgw ) = sitopoiov" , Plat.


si<Eth>to-favgo" »a±1/4, on , eating corn or bread, Od., Hdt.


si<Eth>to-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) carrying corn or provisions, Hdt.


si<Eth>to-fuvla±ke" , oiJ , corn-inspectors, Athenian officers, originally three in number, but afterwards ten in the City and five in Peiraeeus, who registered imports of corn, and saw that the corn-measures were right, Dem.


sivtta± , a cry of drovers to their flocks; when ajpov follows, to call them off; sht! chit! when prov" , to lead them on, Theocr.


si<Eth>t-wvnh" , ou, oJ , ( wjnevomai ) a buyer of corn, a commissary for buying it, Dem. Hence sitwniva


si<Eth>twniva , hJ , purchase of corn, the office of sitwvnh" , Dem.

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