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III. metaph. of persons, like French gauche, lefthanded, awkward, clumsy, Hdt ., Eur. , etc.


skaiosuvnh , hJ , = sq. , Soph.


skaiovth" , hto", hJ , ( skaiov" III ) lefthandedness, awkwardness, Hdt ., Soph. , etc.


skai-ourgevw , f. hvsw, ( * e[rgw ) to behave amiss, Ar.

skaivrw, SKAI vRW

SKAI vRW , only in pres. and impf. , to skip, frisk, Hom.


ska±lavqurma , ato", tov , a quibble: —hence Dim. ska±la±qurmavtion , tov , a petty quibble, Ar.


ska±leuv" , evw", oJ , ( skavllw ) a hoer, Xen.


ska±leuvw , pf. ejskavleuka , = skavllw , to stir, poke, a[nqraka" Ar ., Luc.


ska±lhnov" , hv, ovn , and ov", ovn , uneven, unequal, ajriqmo;" sk . an odd number, Plat. ; trivgwnon sk . a triangle with unequal sides, Arist .; of a path, uneven, Anth.

skavllw, SKA vLLW

SKA vLLW , only in pres. and impf. to stir up, hoe, Hdt.


skalmov" , oJ , the pin or thole to which the Greek oar was fastened by a thong ( tropwthvr ), Aesch. , Eur.


skavloy , opo", oJ , ( skavllw ) the digger, i.e. the mole, Ar.


Skavmandro" , oJ , the Scamander, the famous river of Troy, o}n Xavnqon kalevousi qeoiv, a[ndre" de; Skavmandron Il.:— Adj. Ska±mavndrio" , on , Scamandrian, Ib., Soph. , etc.


ska<Eth>nav , Dor. for skhnhv .


skandavlhqron »a±1/4, tov , the stick in a trap on which the bait is placed, and which, when touched by the animal, springs up and shuts the trap, the trap-spring: metaph ., skandavlhqrÆ iJsta;" ejpw`n setting word- traps, i.e. words which ones adversary will catch at, and be caught himself, Ar.

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