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skepavw , only in pres. , ( skevpw ) to cover, shelter, ajnevmwn skepovwsi ku`ma ( Ep. for skepavousi ) they ward off (provide shelter against) the sea raised by the wind, Od.; kovrun skepavousin e[qeirai Theocr.


skevph , hJ , ( skevpw ) a covering, shelter, protection, Xen .: —c. gen ., ejn skevph/ tou` polevmou under shelter from war, Hdt. ; uJpo; th;n\Rwmaivwn skevphn under their protection, Polyb.


skepovwsi , Ep. 3 pl. of skepavw .


skeptevon , verb. Adj. of skevptomai , one must reflect or consider, Ar ., Thuc. , etc.

2. skeptevo", a, on , to be considered, examined, Antipho.


skeptikov" , hv, ovn , ( skevyi" ) reflective: oiJ skeptikoiv , the Sceptics or philosophers who asserted nothing, but only opined, Cic. opinatores, Luc.

skevptomai, SKE vPTOMAI

SKE vPTOMAI (in Att. skopw` or skopou`mai are used as the pres. ): f. skevyomai : aor. I ejskeyavmhn : pf. e[skemmai :

I. to look about, look carefully, followed by Prep. eij" , Od., Eur. :— c. acc. to look after, watch,
Il., Hdt. , Att. :— absol. to look out, reconnoitre, Hdt .; skevyai look, Aesch .; skevyasqe look out, Ar.
II. of the mind, to look to, view, examine, consider, think on, Soph ., Thuc. , etc. :— skevyasqe dev : only consider, Thuc.

2. to think of beforehand, premeditate, Dem.
3. pf. also in pass. sense, ejskemmevna things well-considered, Thuc .; skopei`te ou\n . Answ. e[skeptai Plat .; so 3 fut. pass. ejskevyetai Id.


skevpw , = skepavzw , Luc.


skerbovllw , to scold, abuse, sk. ponhrav to use foul abuse, Ar. (Deriv. unknown.)


skeua±gwgevw , f. hvsw , to carry away goods and chattels, Dem ., Aeschin. From skeuagwgov"


skeu-a±gwgov" , ovn , ( skeu`o" ) conveying goods: ta; sk . baggage-wagons, Plut .; transport vessels, Strab.

II. as Subst. a baggage-master, Xen.


skeuavzw , f. avsw : aor. I ejskeuvasa :— Med. , aor. ejskeuasavmhn :— Pass. , f. skeuasqhvsomai : pf.

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