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to son, whence the passage in Il. 2 is called hJ tou` skhvptrou paravdosi" , Thuc. :—also borne by judges, by heralds, by speakers, who on rising to speak received it from the herald, Hom.

2. the sceptre, i.e. royalty, kingly power, rule, Il., Trag.


skhptroforevw , f. hvsw , to rule over, c. gen ., Anth. From skhptrofovro"


skhptro-fovro" , on , bearing a sceptre, kingly, Anth.

skhvptw, SKH vPTW

SKH vPTW , f. skhvyw : aor. I e[skhya :— Med. , f. skhvyomai : aor. I ejskhyavmhn :— Pass. , pf. e[skhmmai :

I. to prop, stay one thing against or upon another: Pass. and Med. to lean upon a staff, Hom .: metaph. to lean upon a person or thing, Dem.

2. c. acc. rei, to put forward by way of support, allege in excuse, Eur .:—in Med. to allege on ones own behalf, Hdt ., Thuc. ; c. inf. to pretend to be, Ar ., Dem.

II. to hurl, dart, Aesch .; metaph. , sk. ajlavstora ei[" tina Eur.
2. intr. to fall heavily, Aesch ., Soph.


skhrivptomai , Med. , only in pres. , to support oneself, Od.; skhriptovmeno" cersivn te posivn te pressing with hands and feet, Ib.


skh`yi" , ew", hJ , ( skhvptw ) a pretext, plea, excuse, pretence, Trag .; c. gen ., kata; fovnou tina; skh`yin on some pretence of murder, Hdt. ; sk. tou` mh; poiei`n a plea, excuse for not doing, Dem.

skiav, SKI vA, skiav

SKI vA , a`" , Ion. skihv , h`", hJ , a shadow, Od.; skia; ajntivstoico" w{" like the shadow that is ones double, Eur.

2. the shade of one who is dead, a phantom, Od., Trag. ; so of one worn to a shadow, Aesch .:—in proverbs of mans mortal estate, skia`" o[nar a[nqrwpo" Pind .; ei[dwlon skia`" Aesch ., etc.

II. the shade of trees, etc. , petraivh skihv the shade of a rock, Hes. ; ejn skih`/ Id.; uJpo; skih`/ Hdt .; uJpo; skia`" Eur .; skia;n Seirivou kunov" shade from its heat, Aesch.


skia<Eth>gra±fevw , f. hvsw , ( skia<Eth>gravfo" ) to draw with gradations of light and shade: to sketch out, Lat. adumbrare : Pass. , ta; ejskiagrafhmevna Plat. Hence skiagravfhma


skia<Eth>gravfhma , ato", tov , a mere sketch, Plat.


skia<Eth>gra±fiva , hJ , ( skiagravfo" ) a sketch or rough painting, such as to produce an effect at a distance, scene-painting, Plat. From skiagravfo"


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