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skw`mma , ato", tov , ( skwvptw ) a jest, joke, gibe, scoff, Ar .; ejn skwvmmato" mevrei by way of a joke, Aeschin. ; sk. para; gravmma a pun, Arist.


skwmmavtion »a±1/4, tov , Dim. of skw`mma , Ar.


skwptikov" , hv, ovn , mocking, jesting, Plut ., Luc. ; and skwptovlh"


skwptovlh" , ou, oJ , a mocker, jester, Ar. From skwvptw

skwvptw, SKW vPTW

SKW vPTW , f. skwvyomai : aor. I e[skwya :— Pass. , aor. I ejskwvfqhn : pf. e[skwmmai :— to hoot, mock, jeer, scoff at, tinav Ar .; also, sk. eij" ta; rJavkia to jest at his rags, Id.; ei[" tina Aeschin.
b. in good sense, to joke with, tinav Hdt.
2. absol. to jest, joke, be funny, Ar ., Xen. , etc.

skw`r, SK `WR

SK `WR , tov ; gen. ska±tov" :— dung, Ar. Hence skwriva


skwriva , hJ , the dross of metal, slag, scoria, Strab.


skwvy , oJ , gen. skwpov" , nom. pl. skw`pe" , ( skwvptw ) a small kind of owl, Od., Theocr.


sma±ravgdiØno" , h, on , of smaragdus, N.T. From smavragdo"


smavragdo" , hJ , Lat. smaragdus, a precious stone of a green colour , a name given to the emerald and to malachite, Hdt. (Deriv. unknown.)


sma±ra±gevw , f. hvsw , to crash, as thunder, Il.; of the sea, to roar, Ib.; of cranes, to scream, Ib. (Formed from the sound.)

smavw, SMA vW

SMA vW , 3 sing. contr. smh`/ , inf. smh`n , 3 sing. pass. smh`tai ; but Ion. sma`/, sma`n, sma`tai : impf. e[smwn : aor. I e[smhsa :— Med. , part. smwvmeno" : aor. I ejsmhsavmhn :— to wipe or cleanse with soap or unguent; (but the Act. is mostly found in compds. dia-, ejk-, ejpi-smavw ):— Med. , sma`sqai th;n kefalhvn to wash or anoint ones head, Hdt.


smerda±levo" , a , Ion. h, on , terrible to look on, fearful, aweful, direful, Hom.

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