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2. of things, Ar.


sobevw , f. hvsw , ( sou`, sou` ):— to scare away birds, Ar. , etc.

2. generally, to drive away, clear away, Xen.
II. to move rapidly, povda sobei`n , of dancing, Ar. :— metaph. in Pass. to be much agitated, vehemently excited, Anth ., Plut.

III. intr. to strut, swagger, bustle, Dem ., Plut. ; sovbei ejs [Argo" bustle off to Argos, Luc.


soiv and enclit. soi , dat. of suv .


soi`o , Ion. for sou` , gen. of sov", sovn .


soloikivzw , f. Att. iw` , ( sovloiko" ) to speak incorrectly, commit a solecism, fwnh`/ Skuqikh`/ sol . to speak bad Scythian, Hdt. Hence soloikismov"


soloikismov" , oJ , incorrectness in the use of language, a solecism, Luc .; and soloikisthv"


soloikisthv" , ou`, oJ , one who speaks incorrectly, Luc.


sovloiko" , on , speaking incorrectly, using provincialisms, Anacr., etc.

II. metaph. erring against good manners, awkward, clumsy, Xen ., Arist. (Said to come from the corruption of the Attic dialect by the Athenian colonists of Sovloi in Cilicia.)

sovlo", SO vLOS

SO vLOS , oJ , a mass or lump of iron, used in throwing, Il.; distinguished from the flat divsko" or quoit.


sovo" , h, on , Ep. and Ion. form of sw`o", sw`" : v. sw`" .


soro-phgov" , ou`, oJ , ( phvgnumi ) a coffin-maker, Ar ., Anth.

sorov", SORO vS, sorov"

SORO vS , hJ , a vessel for holding anything, esp. a cinerary urn, Il.:— a coffin, Hdt ., Ar.

II. as nickname of an old man of woman, Ar.


sov" , hv, ovn , possessive Adj. of pers. Pron. suv , the earlier form being teov" , thy, thine, of thee, Lat. tuus, tua, tuum , Hom ., etc. ; Ep. gen. soi`o ;—in Att. often with the Art., devma" to; sovn, to; so;n kavra :— so;n e[rgon , c. inf ., ‘tis thy business to. . , Soph. ; so, sovn »ejsti1/4 alone, Aesch. :— oiJ soiv thy kinsfolk,

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