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sofivstria , hJ , fem. of sofisthv" , Plat.


Sofo-klevh" , contr. -klh`" , oJ ; gen. evou" , later evo" ; acc. eva :— Sophocles, Ar ., etc.


sofov-noo" , on , contr. -nou" , oun , wise-minded, Luc.

sofov", SOFO vS, sofov"

SOFO vS , hv, ovn , properly, skilled in any handicraft or art, cunning in his craft, Theogn ., etc; of a charioteer, Pind. ; of poets and musicians, Id.; of a soothsayer, Soph. , etc.

2. clever in matters of common life, wise, prudent, shrewd, ". a[ndre" Qessaloiv shrewd fellows, the Thessalians! Hdt. ; polla; sofov" Aesch .; meivzw sofivan sofov" Plat ., etc. ; tw`n sofw`n kreivssw better than all craft, Soph .; sofovn »ejsti1/4 c. inf ., Eur.

3. skilled in the sciences, learned, profound, wise, Id., Plat. , etc. ; hence, ironically, abstruse, obscure, Ar ., etc.

II. pass ., of things, cleverly devised, wise, Hdt ., etc. ; sofwvterÆ h] katÆ a[ndra sumbalei`n things too clever for man to understand, Eur.

III. Adv. sofw`" , cleverly, wisely, Soph ., Eur. , etc. :— Comp. -wvteron , Eur. : Sup. -wvtata , Id.


sovw , rare Ep. Verb for saovw, swvzw , to preserve, save, deliver, 2 sing. subj. sovh/" , 3 sing. and pl. sovh/, sovwsi , Il.


spadivzw , f. xw , ( spavw ) to draw off, Hdt.


spavdwn »a±1/4, oJ , ( spavw ) an eunuch, Lat. spado , Plut.


spa±qavw , only in pres. , in weaving, to strike home the woof with the spavqh ; metaph. , livan spaqa`n to go too fast, a cant phrase for throwing away money, Ar. ; so, sp. ta; crhvmata Plut .: —Pass ., ejspaqa`to tau`ta these were the prodigalities indulged in, Dem.

spavqh, SPA vQH

SPA vQH »a±1/4, hJ , a flat blade used by weavers in the upright loom (instead of the comb ( kteiv" ) used in the horizontal), for striking the threads of the woof home, so as to make the web close, Aesch.


spaqivon , tov , Dim. of spavqh , Anth.

spaivrw, SPAI vRW

SPAI vRW , to gasp, of dying fish, Anth. ; cf. ajspaivrw .


spavka , Median for kuvna , Hdt.

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