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spoudarciva , hJ , canvassing for office, Lat. ambitus , Plut .; and spoudarciavw


spoudarciavw , to canvass for office, Arist.


spoudarcivdh" , ou, oJ , comic Patronymic of spoudavrch" , Son of Placeman, Ar.


spouvdasma , ato", tov , ( spoudavzw ) a thing or work done with zeal, a pursuit, Plat.


spoudastevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. of spoudavzw , to be sought for zealously, Xen.

II. spoudastevon , one must bestir oneself, be earnest or anxious, Eur ., etc.


spoudasthv" , ou`, oJ , ( spoudavzw ) one who wishes well to another, a supporter, partisan, Lat. fautor , Plut. Hence spoudastikov"


spoudastikov" , hv, ovn , zealous, earnest, serious, Plat.


spoudastov" , hv, ovn , ( spoudavzw ) that deserves to be sought or tried zealously, Plat.


spoudhv , hJ , ( speuvdw ) haste, speed, Hdt ., etc. ; o{kw" spoudh`" e[cei ti" according as one makes speed, Id.

II. zeal, pains, exertion, trouble, Od., Att. : — spoudh;n poiei`sqai , c. inf ., to take pains to do a thing, Hdt. ; c. gen ., spoudhvn tino" poihvsasqai to make much ado about a thing, Id.; so, sp. e[cein tinov" or ei[" ti Eur .; spoudh`/ o{plwn with great attention to the arms, Thuc. :—in pl. zealous exertions, Hdt ., Eur. ; also party feelings, rivalries, Hdt ., Ar.

III. zeal, earnestness, seriousness, Eur ., etc.
2. an object of attention, a serious engagement, Eur.
IV. spoudh`/ , as Adv. in haste, hastily, Od., Hdt. , Att.
2. with great exertion, with difficulty, hardly, scarcely, Hom.
3. earnestly, seriously, urgently, Eur ., etc. ; pollh`/ sp . very busily, Hdt ., etc. ; so with Preps., ajpo; spoudh`" in earnest, seriously, Il.; meta; spoudh`" Xen.


spuØrav" , Att. sfurav" , avdo", hJ , a ball of dung, as that of sheep or goats: pl. sheeps‘ or goats’ dung, Ar.


spuØrivdion »iØ1/4, tov , Dim. of spuriv" , Ar.


spuØriv" , ivdo", hJ , a large basket, a creel ( v. kovfino" ), Hdt. , Ar. , etc. (Deriv. uncertain.)

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