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music, Arist.

II. stavsimon (with or without mevlo" ), in Tragedy, a regular song of the Chorus, prob. so named because it was not sung till the chorus had taken its stand in the orchestra.


stavsi" »a±1/4, ew", hJ , ( sth`nai ) a standing, the posture of standing, Aesch ., Plat.

2. a position, posture. post, station, Hdt ., Eur. ; th`" stavsew" parasuvrwn ta;" dru`" tearing the oaks from their ground, Ar.

3. a point of the compass, hJ st. th`" mesambrivh" Hdt.
4. the position, state or condition of a person, Lat. status , Plat.
II. a party, company, band, Aesch .: a sect of philosophers, Plut.
III. esp. a party formed for seditious purposes, a faction, Solon, Hdt. , Att.
2. sedition, discord, Hdt ., Att. ; stavsin poiei`sqai Isocr .; povlin eij" stavsin ejmbavllein Xen.


sta±si-wvdh" , e" , factious, Arist .: quarrelsome, Xen.


sta±si-wrov" , oJ , ( w[ra ) watcher of the station or fold, Eur.


sta±siwteiva , hJ , a state of faction, Plat. From stasiwvth"


sta±siwvth" , ou, oJ , ( stavsi" ) mostly in pl. the members of a party or faction, partisans, Hdt ., Att. Hence stasiwtikov"


sta±siwtikov" , hv, ovn , factious, seditious, Thuc.


stavske , Ion. 3 sing. aor. 2 of i{sthmi .


sta<Eth>sw` , Dor. for sthvsw , fut. of i{sthmi .


sta±tevon , verb. Adj. of i{sthmi , one must appoint, Plat.


sta±thvr , h`ro", oJ , ( sth`nai ) a weight, = livtra : then a coin of various values:

1. the gold stater best known at Athens was the Persian, called stath;r Dareikov" or simply Dareikov" , Daric, from Darius Hystaspes, worth about l. 2s., Hdt ., Thuc. 2. later a silver stater was in use, = tetravdracmon , N.T. , Xen.


sta±tivzw , poët. for i{sthmi , to place: Pass. = i{stamai , to stand, Eur .:—so also intr. in Act. , Id.

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