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stevrgw, STE vRGW

STE vRGW , f. stevrxw : aor. I e[sterxa : pf. e[storga :— Pass. , aor. I ejstevrcqhn : pf. e[stergmai :— to love, of the mutual love of parents and children, Soph. , Eur. , etc. ; of king and people, Hdt. , Soph. ; of a country and her colonies, Thuc. ; of brothers and sisters, Eur. ; of friends, Soph. ; of husband and wife, Hdt. , Soph.

II. generally, to be fond of, shew liking for, Theogn ., Soph. , etc. :—also of things, to accept gladly, Hdt. , etc.

III. to be content or satisfied, acquiesce, Soph ., Dem. ; stevrxon oblige me, do me the favour, Soph.

2. c. acc. to be content with, acquiesce in, submit to, bear with, Hdt .; st. th;n turannivda bear with it, Aesch. ; st. kakav Soph .:—also c. dat ., st. toi`si soi`" Eur .; th`/ ejmh`/ tuvch/ Plat .: —c. part ., pw`" a]n stevrxaimi kako;n tovde leuvsswn Soph .; st. xumfora`/ nikwvmenoi Eur .:—rarely c. inf ., oujk e[stergev soi o{moio" ei\nai Id.

IV. to entreat one to do, jApovllw stevrgw molei`n Soph.

stereov", STEREO vS, stereov"

STEREO vS , av, ovn , stiff, stark, firm, solid, Hom ., etc. ; aijcmh; stereh; pa`sa crusevh all of solid gold, Hdt .: —Adv. -ew`" , firmly, fast, Hom.

2. metaph. stiff, stubborn, harsh, Id., etc. : so in Adv. , Id.
II. st. ajriqmov" a cubic number, Arist.


stereov-frwn , ono", oJ, hJ , ( frhvn ) stubborn-hearted, Soph.


stereovw , f. wvsw , to make firm or solid, Xen .:— to strengthen, N.T .: —Pass. to be made strong, Xen.

sterevw, STERE vW

STERE vW , f. sterhvsw and sterw` : aor. I ejstevrhsa , Ep. inf. sterevsai : pf. ejstevrhka :— Pass. , with
med. sterhvsomai : aor. I ejsterhvqhn : in aor. 2 part. stereiv" : pf. ejstevrhmai : 3 sing. plqpf. ejstevrhto :— to deprive, bereave, rob of anything, c. acc. pers. et gen. rei, Od., Trag. , etc. :— Pass. to be deprived, bereaved or robbed of anything, c. gen ., Hdt. , Att.

II. c. acc. rei, to take away, Anth .: —Pass. to have taken from one, bivon stereiv" Eur.


sterevwma , ato", tov , ( stereovw ) a solid body, foundation: metaph. steadfastness, N.T.


stevrhsi" , hJ , ( sterevw ) deprivation, privation, of a thing, Thuc. : absol. negation, privation, Arist.


sterivskw , = sterevw , only in pres. , to deprive of a thing, Thuc. :— Pass. to be deprived of a thing, Hdt. , Att.


stevriØfo" , h, on , = stereov", sterrov" , firm, solid, Thuc.

II. = stei`ro" , Lat. sterilis , barren, Plat.

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