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T .


T, t, tau` , tov , indecl., nineteenth letter of the Gr. alphabet: as numeral tV = 300, but Ët = 300,000.

I. t is the tenuis dental mute, related to the medial d and the aspirate q .
II. Changes of t :
1. Aeol. and Dor. , t for " , as tuv ( Lat. tu , thou) for suv ; toiv tev tu`kon fativ for soiv sev su`kon fhsiv .

2. in new Att. , as in Dor. and Boeot., tt for s" , mostly in Verbs, pravttw for pravssw , etc.
3. in Ion. the tenius t for its aspirate q , as au\ti" for au\qi" ; so, the tenuis remains unchanged before an aspirate, as katei`lon, katÆ hJsucivhn .

4. the Poets, metri grat. , insert t after p at the beginning of some words, e.g. ptovli", ptovlemo" .

, apostroph. for te , and.

2. the Particle toi is not elided before a[n and a[ra, tÆ a[n, tÆ a[ra, mevntÆ a[n , but joined with them by crasis, ta[n, ta\ra, menta[n .

3. so, tov, tav are never elided, but form crasis, as tajgaqovn, tajgaqav .


tav , neut. pl. of oJ, o{ , and o{" .


tavbla or tavblh , hJ , = Lat. tabula , a dice-table, Anth.


tabliovph , hJ , comic word, formed after Kalliovph , a game at dice, Anth.


tajgaqav , crasis for ta; ajgaqav :— tajgaqovn for to;ajgaqovn .


tajgamevmnono" , crasis for tou` jAgamevmnono" .


ta<Eth>geiva , hJ , the office or rank of tagov" , Xen.


ta±geiv" , aor. 2 pass. part. of tavssw .


ta<Eth>geuvw , f. sw , ( tagov" ) to be Chief of Thessaly, Xen. :— Pass. to be united under one tagov" , Id.

II. Med. to let soldiers be posted or stationed, Aesch.


ta<Eth>gevw , to be ruler, aJpavsh" jAsivdo" t . Aesch.

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