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qavlamovnde , Adv. to the bed-chamber, Od. From qavlamo"

qavlamo", QA vLA MOS

QA vL ØAMOS , oJ , an inner room or chamber:

1. generally, the womens apartment, inner part of the house, Hom ., Hdt.
2. a chamber in this part of the house:
a. a bed-room, Il.:— the bride-chamber, Ib., Soph. , etc.
b. a store-room, Hom ., Xen.
c. generally, a chamber, room, Od.
II. metaph ., oJ pagkoivta" q . of the grave, Soph .; tumbhvrh" q . of the ark of Dana×, Id.; qavlamoi uJpo; gh`" the realms below, Aesch. ; q. jAmfitrivth" of the sea, Soph. ; ajrnw`n q . their folds or pens, Eur ., etc.

III. the lowest part of the ship, in which the qalami`tai sat, the hold.
IV. a shrine, temple, Anth.

qavlassa, QA vLASSA, qavlassa

QA vLASSA »qa±1/4 , later Att. -tta , hJ , the sea, Hom ., etc. ; when he uses it of a particular sea, he means the Mediterranean, opp. to jWkeanov" ;— Hdt. calls the Mediterranean h{de hJ qavlassa ; so, hJ parÆ hJmi`n qavl . Plat. ; kata; qavlassan by sea, opp. to pezh`/ by land, Hdt. ; to kata; gh`" , Thuc. :— metaph. , kakw`n q . a sea

of troubles, Aesch.

2. a well of salt water, said to be produced by a stroke of Poseidons trident, in the Acropolis at Athens, Hdt.


qa±lassai`o" , a, on , = qalavssio" , Pind.


qa±lasseuvw , to be at sea, keep the sea, Thuc .; ta; qalatteuvonta th`" new;" mevrh the parts under water, Plut.


qa±lavssio" , later Att. -ttio" , a, on and o", on : ( qavlassa ):— of, in, on or from the sea, belonging to it, Lat. marinus , ou[ sfi qalavssia e[rga memhvlei , of the Arcadians, Il.; korw`nai th`/sivn te qal. e[rga mevmhlen , i.e. which live by fishing, Od.:— qalavssia sea-animals, opp. to cersai`a , Hdt. ; pezoiv te kai; qal . landsmen and seamen, Aesch .; qal. ejkrivptein tinav to throw one into the sea, Soph.

II. skilled in the sea, nautical, Hdt ., Thuc.


qa±lasso-kopevw , f. hvsw , ( kovptw ) to strike the sea with the oar: metaph. to make a splash, Ar.


qa±lasso-kra±tevw , to be master of the sea, Hdt ., Thuc.


qa±lasso-kravtwr , oro", oJ, hJ , ( kratevw ) master of the sea, Hdt ., Thuc. , Xen.

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