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qera±peutov" , ovn , that may be fostered, Plat. From qerapeuvw


qera±peuvw , f. -euvsw , ( qeravpwn ) to be an attendant, do service, Od.

2. to do service to the gods, Lat. colere deos , Hes ., Hdt. , Att. :— to do service or honour to ones parents or masters, Eur. , Plat.

3. to serve, court, pay court to, tinav Hdt ., Ar. , etc. ; and in bad sense, to flatter, wheedle, Thuc .: to conciliate, Id.; to; qerapeu`on = oiJ qerapeuvonte" , Id.

4. of things, to consult, attend to, Lat. inservire , Id.; hJdonh;n qer . to indulge ones love of pleasure, Xen. ; ta;" quvra" tino;" qer . to wait at a great mans door, Id.

II. to take care of, provide for men, of the gods, Id.
2. of things, to attend to, provide for, Soph ., Thuc. , etc.
3. qer. to; sw`ma to take care of ones person, Lat. cutem curare , Plat.
4. to treat medically, to heal, cure, Thuc ., Xen.
5. q. hJmevrhn to observe a day, keep it as a feast, Hdt .; q. ta; iJerav = Lat. sacra procurare , Thuc.
6. of land, tto cultivate, Xen .; devndron qer . to train a tree, Hdt.


qera±phi?h , hJ , Ion. for qerapeiva .


qera±phvi>o" , a, on , Ion. for qerapeutikov" , Anth.


qerapivdion , tov , ( qerapeuvw ) a means of cure, Luc.


qeravpnh , hJ , poët. contr. from qeravpaina , a handmaid, h. Hom. , Eur.

II. a dwelling, abode, Id.


qerapniv" , ivdo", hJ , poët. contr. from qerapainiv" , Anth.

qeravpwn, QERA vPWN, qeravpwn

QERA vPWN »a±1/4, onto", oJ : poët. dat. pl. qerapovntessi :— a waiting-man, attendant, Od., etc. ; differing from dou`lo" , as implying free service; and in Hom. a companion in arms, though inferior in rank; as Patroclus is the companion or esquire of Achilles; Meriones of Idomeneus, Il.; so the charioteer is hJnivoco" qeravpwn ; kings were Dio;" qeravponte" ; warriors qeravponte" [Arho" , etc. :— c. dat ., oi\ko" xevnoisi qeravpwn devoted to the service of its guests, Pind.

II. later, simply, a servant, Hdt .:—in Chios, qeravponte" was the name for their slaves, Thuc.


qevray , a±po", oJ , rare poët. form for qeravpwn : nom. pl. qevrape" Eur ., Anth.


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