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qesmoqetevw , to be a qesmoqevth" , Dem. From qesmoqevth"


qesmo-qevth" , ou, oJ , ( tivqhmi ) a lawgiver: —at Athens, the qesmoqevtai were the six junior archons, who judged causes assigned to no special court, Aeschin. , etc.


qesmo-poievw , f. hvsw , to make laws, Eur.


qesmov" , Dor. teqmov" , oJ : pl. qesmoiv , poët. qesmav Soph .: ( tivqhmi ):—like qevmi" , that which is laid down and established, a law, ordinance, Lat. institutum , levktroio qesmo;n i{konto , i.e. they fulfilled the established law of wedlock, Od.; so in Hdt. and Att.

2. at Athens, Dracos laws were called qesmoiv , because each began with the word qesmov" ( cf. qesmoqevth" ), while Solons laws were named novmoi .

II. an institution, ordinance, as the court of Areopagus, Aesch. ; of the great games, Pind. Hence qesmosuvnh


qesmosuvnh , hJ , justice, like dikaiosuvnh , Anth.


qesmofovria , wn, tav , the Thesmophoria, an ancient festival held by the Athenian women in honour of Demeter Qesmofovro" , Hdt. , Ar. Hence qesmoforiavzw


qesmoforiavzw , to keep the Thesmophoria, Ar ., Xen. ; and qesmofovrion


qesmofovrion , tov , the temple of Demeter Qesmofovro" , Ar.


qesmo-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) law-giving, an ancient name of Demeter (Ceres), Hdt. ; tw; qesmofovrw Ceres and Proserpine, Ar.


qesmo-fuvlake" , oiJ , guardians of the law, Thuc.


qe"-pevsio" , a, on , or o", on : ( qeov", e[spon = ei\pon , v. qevspi" ):—properly of the voice, divinely sounding, divinely sweet, Hom ., Pind.

II. that can be spoken by none but God, i.e. unspeakable, ineffable; hence,
1. like qei`o" , divine, Hom .; dat. fem. qespesivh/ ( sc. boulh`/ ) by the will of God, Id.; q. oJdov" the way of divination, of Cassandra, Aesch.

2. wondrous, marvellous, portentous, awful, of things, Hom. ; q. calkov" marvellous fine brass, Od.,

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