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qru<Eth>levw (vulg. qrullevw ), f. hvsw , to make a confused noise, chatter, babble, Ar ., Theocr.

II. c. acc. rei, to be always talking about a thing, repeat over and over again, Lat. decantare , Eur ., Plat. , etc. :— Pass. , to; qrulouvmenon the common talk, what is in every ones mouth, Dem.


qru<Eth>livzw (vulg. qrull- ), to make a false note, h. Hom.


qru<Eth>livssw (vulg. qrull- ), to crush, shiver, smash: Pass. , qrulivcqh de; mevtwpon ( Ep. for ejqrulivcqh )


qru`lo" (vulg. qruvllo" ) , oJ , ( qrevomai ) a noise as of many voices, a shouting, murmuring, Batr.


qruvmma , ato", tov , ( qruvptw ) that which is broken off, a piece, bit, Ar ., Anth.

qruvon, QRU vON

QRU vON , tov , a rush, Lat. juncus , Il.


qruptikov" , hv, ovn , easily broken: metaph. delicate, effeminate, Xen. From qruvptw

qruvptw, QRU vPTW

QRU vPTW , f. qruvyw : aor. I e[qruya :—Pass.and Med. , f. qruvyomai : aor. 2 ejtruvfhn »uØ1/4 : (akin to qrauvw
):— to break in pieces, break small, Plat ., Theocr.
II. metaph ., like Lat. frangere , to break, crush, enfeeble: Pass ., with fut. med ., to be enfeebled, enervated, unmanned, Xen .; teqrummevno" Luc.

2. in Pass. also, to play the coquet, be coy and prudish, give oneself airs, bridle up, Ar ., Xen. ; qruvptesqai prov" tina to give oneself airs toward him, Plut.


qruvyi" , ew", hJ , a breaking in small pieces: metaph. softness, weakness, debauchery, Xen ., Plut. , etc.


qrwvskw : Ep. impf. qrw`skon : f. qorou`mai : aor. 2 e[qoron , Ep. qovron , Ion. inf. qorevein . (From Root QOR , which appears in fut. and aor. 2.) To leap, spring, ejk divfroio, ajpo; levktroio Hom .; of arrows, ajpo; neurh`fi qrw`skon Il.; of the oar, Soph.

2. foll. by Prep. to leap upon, i.e. attack, assault, ejpi; Trwvessi qovron Il.:—of a recurring illness, to attack, Soph.

3. generally, to rush, dart, Pind ., Soph. :— metaph. , pedavrsioi qrwvskousi leap up into air, i.e. vanish away, Aesch.

II. trans. to mount, oJ qrwvskwn the sire, Id. Hence qrwsmov"

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