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speaks of dark hair as uJakinqivnw/ a[nqei oJmoi`ai , and Theocr. calls it black.

II. a precious stone, of blue colour, not (prob.) our jacinth, but the sapphire, N.T.


uJavleo" »a±1/4, a, on , ( u{alo" ) = uJavlino" , of glass, Anth .: —contr. uJalou`" , a`, ou`n , of glass, Strab ., Luc.


uJavliØno" , h, on , ( u{a±lo" ) of crystal or glass, Ar .: also uJevlino" , h, on , Anth.


u{a±lo" or u{elo" , oJ and hJ , a clear, transparent stone, used by the Egyptians to enclose their mummies in, oriental alabaster, Hdt.

2. a convex lens of crystal, used as a burning-glass, Ar.
II. glass, Lat. vitrum , Plat .: glass itself existed in the time of Hdt. , but was not called u{alo" till Platos time. (The word is said to be Egyptian. Others refer it to u{w , as if the orig. sense were rain-drop.)


uJa±lou`" , a`, ou`n , contr. for uJalevo" .


uJa±lov-crou" , oun , ( crova ) glass-coloured, Anth.


uJbbavllw , Ep. syncop. for uJpobavllw .

uJbov", JUBO vS

JUBO vS »u<Eth>1/4, hv, ovn , hump-backed, Theocr.


uJbrivzw »u<Eth>1/4 , Dor. -ivsdw : f. Att. iw` : aor. I u{brisa : pf. u{brika : plqpf. uJbrivkein :— Med. , f. uJbriou`mai :— Pass. , f. uJbrisqhvsomai : aor. I uJbrivsqhn : pf. u{brismai : ( u{bri" ):— to wax wanton, run riot, Od., Aesch. , etc. ; opp. to swfronei`n , Xen.

2. of over-fed horses or asses, to neigh or bray and prance about, Lat. lascivire , Hdt ., Xen.
3. metaph. of a rapid rushing river, Hdt.
II. in dealing with other persons, uJbr. tinav to treat him despitefully, to outrage, insult, affront, maltreat, Il., Aesch. ; more commonly, uJbr. ei[" tina to commit an outrage upon or towards him, Eur. , Plat. ; uJbr. ejpiv tina to exult over a fallen foe, Eur.

2. c. acc. cogn ., uJbr. u{brin Aesch ., Eur. , etc. :—with a neut. Adj ., uJbr. tavde to commit these outrages, Hdt .; so, tw`n ajdikhmavtwn tw`n ej" jAqhnaivou" u{brisan Id.; and with double acc. , u{brin uJbrivzein tinav Eur .:—hence in Pass. , u{brin uJbrisqh`nai Id., Dem.

3. at Athens in legal sense, to do one a personal outrage, to maltreat, assault, Oratt.:— Pass. , gunai`ke" kai; pai`de" uJbrivzontai Thuc .; uJbrizovmeno" ajpoqnhvskei he dies of ill-treatment, Xen. ;—and of acts, ta; uJbrismevna outrages, Lys.

4. pf. pass. part ., of things, arrogant, ostentatious, shmei\ e[cwn uJbrismevna Eur .; stolh; uJbrismevnh Xen.

u{bri", {UBRIS, u{bri"

{UBRIS »uØ1/4 , gen. ew" and eo" , Ep. io" :— wantonness, wanton violence or insolence, Od., Hdt. , etc. ;

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