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uJf-izavnw , = uJfivzw , to crouch beneath, c. dat ., Eur.


uJfivzhsi" , ew", hJ , a settling or sinking, Strab. From uJfivzw


uJf-ivzw , to sit down, crouch, Eur.


uJf-ivhmi , Ion. uJp-ivhmi : f. uJf-hvsw : ( v. i{hmi ):— to let down, uJf. iJstovn to lower the mast, Il.; uJf. iJstiva , Lat. submittere vela , h. Hom.

2. to put under, tiv tini Hom .; ti uJpov ti Xen .:— to put a young one under its dam, put it to suck,

Od., Theocr. ; in Med. , of the mother, uJfivesqai mastoi`" to put it to her breast, to suckle it, Eur.

3. uJf. tinav to engage any one secretly, to prepare him to play a part, to suborn, Soph .: Pass. , wJ" e[cidnÆ uJfeimevnh like a snake secretly introduced, slipped in, Id.

4. to give up, surrender, Xen.
II. intr. to slacken, relax or abate from a thing, c. gen ., uJpei;" th`" ojrgh`" Hdt .; absol. to give in, abate, oujde;n uJpievnte" Id.:—so too in Med. , Id.; so of things, to; u{dwr uJpivetai tou` yucrou` abates from its chill, Id.; tou` stovmatov" ge uJf . I give way as to it, Xen. ; c. dat. to yield, give way to any one, toi`" polemivoi" Id.

III. in Med. and Pass. to lower ones sails, Ar .; mostly in part. pf ., plei`n uJfeimevnh/ dokei` moi methinks I should run with lowered sails, i.e. to lower my tone, Soph.

2. swvzw neossou;" o[rni" w}" uJfeimevnh , like a cowering hen,—or perhaps with my nestlings under me, Eur.

3. generally, to submit, Xen .; c. inf ., katqanei`n uJfeimevnh submissively prepared to die, Eur.


uJf-ikavnw »a<Eth>1/4 , = uJpevrcomai II , to steal over one, Il.


uJf-ivsthmi , f. uJposthvsw : aor. I uJpevsthsa :—in these tenses Causal, to place or set under, tiv tini Hdt. , Pind. ; trei`" staurou;" uJpivsthsi plants three piles in the lake to support a house, Hdt. :— metaph. , gnwvma" uJposthvsa" sofav" having laid them as a foundation, Soph.

2. to post secretly or in ambush, Hdt ., Xen.
II. Causal also in fut. and aor. I med. to substitute, tiv tini one thing for another, Xen.
B. Pass ., with aor. 2 act. uJp-evsthn , pf. uJf-evsthka , Ion. part. uJp-estewv" :— to stand under as a support, c. dat ., Hdt.

2. to sink to the bottom, settle, to; uJfistavmenon the milk, opp. to to; ejfistavmenon (the cream),

II. to place oneself under an engagement, engage or promise to do, c. inf. fut ., o{ssÆ jAcilh`i uJpevsthmen dwvsein Il., etc. ; c. inf. aor ., ou[ tiv" me uJpevsth saw`sai Ib.; c. inf. pres ., Hdt. :— absol. , after promise given, Od.; w{sper uJpevsth as he promised, Thuc .:—when foll. by acc. , an inf. may be supplied, trivpoda" ou{" oiJ uJpevsth ( sc. dwvsein ) Il.; ejktelevousin uJpovscesin h{nper uJpevstan Ib.

2. to submit to any one, tini Ib.
3. c. acc. rei, to submit to, consent to, oJ to; ejlavciston uJpistavmeno" who offers to take the least, Hdt. ; uJf. to;n plou`n to undertake it unwillingly, Thuc .; so, uJf. to;n kivndunon Id.:—rarely c. dat. , uJf. xumforai`" tai`" megivstai" Id.
b. to undertake an office, Xen.


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