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uJyovqen , Adv. , ( u{yo" ) from on high, from aloft, from above, Lat. desuper , Il., Hes.

II. like uJyou` , high, aloft, on high, Anth.
2. c. gen. above, over, Pind.


uJyovqiØ , Adv. ( u{yo" ) like uJyou` , aloft, on high, Il.


uJy-ovrofo" , on , high-roofed, high-ceiled, Hom.


u{yo" , eo", tov , ( u{yi ) height, Hdt ., Att. ; u{. e[cein, lambavnein to rise to some height, Thuc .: —absol. u{yo" , in height, opp. to mh`ko" or eu\ro" , Hdt.

II. metaph. the top, summit, crown, Plat.


uJyovse , Adv. of motion, aloft, on high, up high, Hom .; uJyovsÆ e[conte" high reaching, Il.


uJyou` , Adv. , ( u{yo" ) aloft, on high, Hom .; th`" povlio" ejkkecwsmevnh" uJyou` having the soil raised to a great height, Hdt .: —metaph ., uJyou` ejxa`raiv ti to praise it highly, Id.; uJyou` ai[rein qumovn Soph.


uJyovw , f. wvsw , ( u{yo" ) to lift high, raise up, Batr., Anth. : Med. to raise for oneself, Anth.

II. metaph. to elevate, exalt, N.T.

u{w, {UW

{UW »u<Eth>1/4 , f. u{sw »u<Eth>1/4 : aor. I u|sa :— Pass. , aor. I u{sqhn : pf. u|smai :— to send rain, to rain, Zeu;" u|e Hom. , etc. ; oJ qeo;" u{ei Hdt .:—then, the nom. being omitted, u{ei used impers. , Lat. pluit , it rains, Hes ., Hdt. ; u{onto" when it is raining, Ar .; u{onto" pollw`/ as it was raining heavily, Xen.

2. c. acc. loci, eJpta; ejtevwn oujk u|e th;n Qhvrhn for seven years it did not rain on Thera, Hdt. :—hence in Pass. , with fut. med. to be rained on, Od.; u{sqhsan aiJ Qh`bai Thebes was rained upon,
i.e. it rained there, Hdt. ; hJ cwvrh u{etai , i.e. it rains in the country, Id.
3. c. acc. cogn ., u|se crusovn it rained gold, Pind. ; kaino;n ajei; Zeu;" u{ei u{dwr Ar.

Liddell, H. G., and Scott, Abridged Greek-English Lexicon, (Oxford: Oxford University Press) 1992.

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