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uJmevtero" »u<Eth>1/4, a, on , ( uJmei`" ) your, yours, Lat. vester , Hom ., etc. ; with a Pron. added in gen. , uJmevtero" eJkavstou qumov" the courage of each of you, Il.; uJmevtero" aujtw`n qumov" your own mind, Od.;— uJmevterovnde to your house, Il.:— to; uJmevteron your part, your business, Hdt .; to; dÆ uJm. pra`xai your character is to do so and so, Thuc. :—with the Article, aiJ uJmevterai ejlpivde" hopes raised by you, Id.; th`/ uJm. parakeleuvsei for the purpose of advising you, Plat.

uJmhvn, JUMH vN

JUMH vN , evno", oJ , a thin skin, membrane, Arist.

uJmhvn, JUMH vN

JUMH vN , evno", oJ , Hymen, the god of marriages, v. \Umevnaio" . [ u<Eth> , whereas in \Umevnaio", u is short.]


u[mme", u[mmiØ and - iØn, u[mme , Aeol. for uJmei`", uJmi`n, uJma`" .


uJmn-a±govra" , ou, oJ , ( ajgoreuvw ) a singer of hymns, Anth.


uJmnevw , Ep. - eivw , Dor. 3 pl. uJmneu`si , fem. part. uJmneu`sa : f. hvsw : ( u{mno" ):

I. with acc. to sing, laud, sing of, Lat. canere , c. acc ., Hes. , Trag. :—also in Prose, to celebrate, commemorate, Hdt ., Xen. ;— c. dupl. acc. , a} th;n povlin u{mnhsa the points wherein I praised our city, Thuc. :— Pass. to be sung of, jArgei`oi uJmnevatai ( Ion. for -hntai ) have been praised, Hdt .; uJmnhqhvsetai povli" Eur .; aiJ uJmnou`menai filivai the famous friendships, Arist.

2. c. acc. cogn. to sing, Aesch ., Eur.
II. to tell over and over and over again, to repeat, recite, rehearse, Lat. decantare , Plat .; uJmnhvsei" kakav wilt sing continually of thy ills, Soph. ; ta;n ejma;n uJmneu`sai ( Ion. for -ou`sai ) ajpistosuvnan ever singing of my want of faith, Eur. :— Pass. , bai[, ajei; dÆ uJmnouvmena few words, but such as oft repeated, Soph.

III. intr. to sing, chant, Thuc ., Xen.
2. in a pass. sense, fh`mai uJmnhvsousi peri; ta; w\ta will ring in their ears, Plat. [In Eur. sometimes uØ.1/4 Hence uJmnhtevon


uJmnhtevon , verb. Adj. one must praise, Plat ., Luc.


uJmnhthvr , h`ro", oJ , = uJmnhthv" , Anth. ; fem. , uJmnhvteira Id.


uJmnhthv" , ou`, oJ , ( uJmnevw ) a singer, praiser, Plat.


uJmnhtov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of uJmnevw , sung of, praised, lauded, Pind.


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