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3. simply to be, Trag ., Thuc. , etc.
4. sometimes with a part. , much like tugcavnw, toiau`ta »aujtw`/1/4 uJph`rce ejovnta Hdt .; uJp. ejcqro;" w[n Dem.

II. like uJpovkeimai II . 2, to be laid down, to be taken for granted, Plat .; touvtwn uJparcovntwn = quae cum ita sint , Id.

III. to belong to, fall to one, accrue, uJpavrcei tiniv ti one has, Hdt. , Thuc. ; hJ uJpavrcousa fuvsi"

your own proper nature, its normal condition, Thuc.

2. of persons, uJp. tiniv to be devoted to one, Xen. , Dem. ; kaqÆ uJmw`n uJpavrxei ejkeivnw/ he will be on his side against you, Dem.

IV. often in neut. pl. part ., ta; uJpavrconta ,
1. existing circumstances, present advantages, Thuc ., Xen. , etc.
2. what belongs to one, ones possessions, means, Thuc ., etc.
V. impers ., uJpavrcei , the fact is that. . , c. acc. et inf. , Soph.
2. it is allowed, it is possible, c. dat. et inf. , uJp. moi ei\nai or poiein ti Thuc ., Plat. :— absol. , w{sper uJph`rce as well as was possible, Thuc.

3. in neut. part ., like ejxovn, parovn , etc. , uJpavrcon uJmi`n polemei`n since it is allowed you to make war, Id.


uJp-aspivdio" »piØ1/4, on , ( ajspiv" ) under shield, covered with a shield, to;n uJp. kovsmon the arms of Ajax, Soph. ; uJp. koi`ton ijauvein to sleep an armed sleep, sleep in arms, Eur .: neut. pl. uJpaspivdia as Adv. , Il.


uJp-aspivzw , to serve as shield-bearer, tiniv Pind ., Eur.


uJp-aspisthv" , ou`, oJ , a shield-bearer, armour-bearer, esquire, Hdt ., Eur. , etc.


uJp-av/ssw , Att. for uJp-ai?ssw .


uJpa±teuvw , f. sw , ( u{pato" ) to be consul, Plut.


uJpavth ( sc. cordhv ) , hJ , the lowest note of the three which formed the Gr. scale ( v. mevsh , neavth ), Plat.


uJpa±tikov" , hv, ovn , of consular rank, Lat. consularis , Plut.


u{pato" , h, on , for uJpevrtato" , like Lat. summus for supremus , the highest, uppermost, of Zeus, u{pato" kreiovntwn, qew`n u{p ., Hom. ; oiJ u{patoi the gods above, Lat. superi , opp. to oiJ cqovnioi , Lat. inferi , Aesch .; u{patov" ti" some god above, Id.

2. simply of Place, ejn purh`/ uJpavth/ on the very top of the funeral pile, Il.
3. of Time, last, Lat. supremus , Soph ., Anth.
4. of Quality, highest, best, Pind.

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