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uJp-eqermavnqhn , aor. I pass. of uJpoqermaivnw .


uJp-eidovmhn , aor. 2 med. , inf. -idevsqai , to view from below, to behold, Eur.

II. metaph. to mistrust, suspect, Id.:— uJforavw is used as pres.


uJp-eika±qei`n , aor. 2 of uJpeivkw , opt. uJpeikavqoimi Soph ., Plat.


uJpeiktevon , verb. Adj. one must yield, Soph ., Plat.


uJp-eivkw , Ep. uJpo-eivkw , with impf. uJpoveikon : f. uJpeivxw , Ep. uJpeivxomai, uJpoeivxomai : aor. I uJpei`xa , Ep. uJpoveixa : cf. uJpeikaqei`n :— to retire, withdraw, depart, new`n from the ships, Il.; uJp. tini; e{drh" to retire from ones seat for another ( cf. uJpanivstamai ), Od.; uJp. tini; lovgwn , i.e. to allow him to speak first, Xen.

2. to yield, give way, timai`" uJp . to give way to authority, Soph. ; uJp. tiniv Xen .: absol. to give way, comply, Hom ., etc. ; to; uJpei`kon , = oiJ uJpeivkonte" , Eur. :— c. inf ., nw`n uJpei`ke to;n kasivgnhton molei`n concede to us that he may come, Soph.

3. c. acc ., cei`ra" ejma;" uJpoveixe he scaped my hands, Il.


u{p-eimi ( eijmiv sum) to be under, Lat. subesse , c. dat ., Il.; pollh`si »i{ppoi"1/4 pw`loi uJph`san under many mares were sucking foals, Ib.; of horses, to be under the yoke, to be yoked in the chariot, Hdt.

II. to be or lie underneath, Id., Aesch.
2. to be laid down, uJpovnto" tou`de this being granted, Eur.
3. to remain concealed, lurk, Xen.
4. of things, to be left remaining, remain, be at command, Hdt ., Att.
III. to be subjected or subject, Eur.


u{p-eimi , ( ei\mi ibo) used as fut. of uJpevrcomai , to steal secretly upon one, Lat. subire , c. acc ., Ar.

II. to depart gradually or secretly, Hdt.


uJpeivxw , fut. of uJpeivkw .


uJp-ei`pon , aor. 2 with no pres. in use ( uJpagoreuvw being used instead): f. uJp-erw` : pf. uJp-eivrhka :— to say as a foundation or preface, to premise, suggest, Eur ., Thuc. , etc.

2. to subjoin, add, Ar ., Dem.
3. to suggest an explanation, explain, interpret, Soph ., Plat.


uJpeivr , Ep. for uJpevr , used when a long syll. is needed before a vowel, e.g. uJpei;r a{la Hom.

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