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uJp-ekruvfqhn , aor. I pass. of uJpo-kruvptw .


uJp-ekswvzw , f. sw , to save by drawing away from, Aesch .: absol. , aujto;n uJpexesavwsen ( Ep. for -evswsen )Il.


uJpektivqemai , aor. 2 -ekqevmhn , Med. to bring ones goods to a place of safety, carry safely away, e[stÆ a]n tevkna uJpekqevwntai (3 pl. aor. 2 subj. ) Hdt. ; so in Att. :— Pass. to be carried out to a place of safety, Hdt.


uJp-ektrevpw , f. yw , to turn gradually or secretly from a thing, tiv tino" Soph .: —Med. to turn aside from, c. acc ., Plat. ; c. inf ., uJpektrapevsqai mh; ouj xunekswvzein to decline the task of helping to save, Soph.


uJp-ektrevcw , f. -dra±mou`mai : aor. 2 uJpexevdra±mon :— to run out from under, escape from, c. acc ., Hdt. , Soph. , etc. ;— c. inf ., h]n ejgw; mh; qanei`n uJpekdravmw Eur.

II. to run out beyond, Soph.


uJp-ekfevrw , f. -exoivsw , to carry out a little, uJpexevferen savko" lifted it a little outwards, so that Teucer could take shelter under it, Il.

II. to carry out from under, uiJo;n uJpexevfere polevmoio Ib.: to carry away, bear onward, Od.
III. intr ., uJp. hJmevrh" oJdw`/ to get the start by a days journey, Hdt.


uJp-ekfeuvgw , f. -feuvxomai : aor. 2 -exevfuØgon :— to flee away or escape secretly, Hom ., Soph.

II. mostly c. acc. to escape from, Il., Thuc.


uJp-ekca±lavw , f. avsw , to slacken gradually, Anth.


uJp-ekcwrevw , f. hvsw , to withdraw or retire slowly or unnoticed, Hdt .: —c. dat. pers. to retire and give place to another, Plat. ; uJp. tw`/ qanavtw/ to make way for death, i.e. to escape it, Id.


uJp-evla±bon , aor. 2 of uJpo-lambavnw .


uJp-elauvnw , f. -exelw` , ( sub. to;n i{ppon ), to ride up so as to meet, Xen.


uJp-elqei`n , aor. 2 inf. of uJpevrcomai .

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